May 24, 2013

My House | Cocktail Table Styling

OH Happy Friday!

Before I get the good stuff... I have a quick favor to ask all of my Savvy readers.
I am headed to Victoria, British Columbia next week with my Mom and Grandma... has anyone been and is there anything that I simply MUST do while I am there, anywhere I MUST eat, and anywhere I MUST shop?  Thanks in advance!

Ok... moving on.

It has taken me almost 2 full weeks to get motivated/find the time to dress my coffee table.  I guess what they say is true... your house is always last!  Either way... done and done!

I know this may seem way simple, so why did it take me this long to whip this up?  Well, A) I don't really know and 2) I have been on a constant quest to be a little more sparse and a little less stuff... so I was in a struggle with myself!

I was originally going to make this succulent into a terrarium, but I stumbled upon this conch shell and knew he would be perfect in it.  

I am loving this table!  Such an iconic MCM coffee table!

Enjoy your weekend!


Nancy said...

I love your table and dipped vase and conch shell! Darling. I am dying to go to Victoria someday. Wish I could give you tips but I'll have to live vicariously through your trip. Have a great weekend,
xo Nancy

April Besth said...

Hi Tiffany! Fan from Vancouver, BC. I LOVE Victoria. {I got engaged there ten years ago}I am excited you are travelling to such a beautiful place. May I suggest 'High Tea' at the Empress Hotel. If this is your 'cup of tea?' Dine at Cafe Brio on Fort Street - amazing cuisine. Have fun! April B.

Elisa of Fancy Free Me said...

Looks great! I love the gold dipped canister for the remotes and that conch shell is perfect!

Dianne said...

I just found your blog from Abby M. Interiors.
I am Canadian, and you must go see the Butchart Gardens!! I was there 29 years ago. I have seen later pictures and they look more beautiful now.

Jack Witson said...

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