May 15, 2013

How To | Make A Concrete Planter

Ever since we put a deposit on this house we knew we wanted to put pots on the driveway.  After looking around at some pre-made options, we really were not happy with the selections available.  So we decided to make them!

Step #1: Cutting Forms

I knew I wanted them to taper down to the bottom so I measured the space that they were going to go be placed to determine how wide and tall they would be.  I wanted them to finish at 16" and taper 2" toward the bottom finishing at 14".  I cut one side out and then used that same piece as a jig so they would all be the same.  {To make one planter you will need 4.  Please note that we made 2, so all things are for 2 planters.}

Step #2: Build Forms

After the sides are cut, cut the 2x4s down to the height of the planter.  Mine was 30" tall.  Then screw the 2x4s to the form sides leaving half of the 2x4 exposed.  Once you can put all of the sides together, the 2x4 will make a corner.  All of your form corners should line up, but if they don't you can fill in with a little bit of calking.  Add a bottom to your form bigger than the opening and drill from the bottom into the 2x4's.

Step #3: Pour Concrete

We mixed about 2 bags of concrete at a time in the wheelbarrow with water until we had a thick mud consistency.  We added some concrete to the bottom {ignore the pvc pipe... we attempted to use that for drainage, but it ended up just getting stuck in there!} about 8"-10" up.  Then we sat the cardboard concrete form on top of there.  I held the tube as the hubs added the concrete.  I would recommend this be solid on the bottom next time.  We found that concrete kept seeping in.  Once there was enough pressure from the outside it stopped doing that.

You can see just minutes after water was trying to escape the form.

We troweled the top to smooth out the finish...

And then place some extra 2x4 to keep the shape.  Over the drying period the perfect circle slightly collapsed... but we still liked it!

To make sure all of the air bubbles were out we used the mouse sander to gently vibrate the sides.

About 12 hours later this is what it looked like.  And at 24 hours I unscrewed the forms and peeled the cardboard out of the center.

We ended up painting them a dark grey because they sort of got lost on the driveway.  We just used a porch and concrete paint.

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Katja @ Shift Ctrl ART said...

Love your tutorial. What a pretty planter. I love that it feels so weighty and raw!

Carmel - Our Fifth House said...

this is amazing! I love the height - so cool!