May 2, 2013

Client Project | Sneak Peak & Savvy Tip

I had planned a reveal and a tutorial for you all today, but at the late hour I was writing this I decided against that and instead folding laundry and catching up on Real Housewives {no judging!!! I know you all watch it too!!}  I am mostly not doing the whole reveal because my pictures were taken at night, and they really don't show the awesomeness that this project is!

So instead here is a small sneak peak on a window seat and table that my brother-in-law made from scratch!  Then my SIL and I went shopping for the fabrics, and then my mom and I made the cushions, pillows, and panels.  Seriously a group family effort!

The table was made from plans via Ana White, and he said it was super simple to make!  Tables like this retail for over $1000 and theirs was only $200 + some extra tools he just had to have {not really}!
My SIL really wanted a mix of patterns and that is so what she got!  I love all of them together.... and she picked up these super cute and functional ottomans from Target.  I love the yellow with this mix of grey, white, and black!  Plus they have storage for placemats, and baby bibs!

And here is my quick Savvy Tip:

You may be asking yourself is that the new look of panels?  
Well no... but aren't they fabulous anyways!
When hanging new panels, I like to make sure the folds are hanging properly and then tie them at the ends to "train" the folds.  I would leave them tied up for at least 3 days before letting them loose.  Depending on your fabric it could take longer or less.


Kim said...

Tiffany the sneak peek is awesome! I love the mix of patterns and isn't it fun to see that even neutrals can pack a punch! Love it all ... and the yellow ottomans are the icing on top!! Lucky SIL!!

Shauna@Satori Design for Living said...

Okay, glad I'm not the only one who procrastinates and watches Real Housewives. Sometimes we just need a break! Enjoy your weekend :)