April 26, 2013

This Week I...

This week I

started install for one of my clients.  I shared a little bit about it here.  It is moving along nicely, and hopefully I will be able to share the transformation very soon!

This week I

finished up installation for another client.  These were hung yesterday!  Don't you just love the mix of pattern in this room?  I can not take credit for all of this {this is from my fabulous dream house client}... but I can show it off!

This week I

tried my hand at another floral arrangement.  I was searching for a large tree to go here, but in reality my client does not do real plants.  So I changed my mind on the fly when I saw this grape leave vase.  A quick trip to Michaels and I picked up everything I needed to create this.  I love it.. maybe I should have a side business?

This week I

learned from my mom a new way to make welting ... and it is SO much easier!  I will share next week!

This week I made 3 major purchases...

1.  The new iPhone 5!  After shattering my screen a few weeks back I decided just to replace the screen.  There was nothing else wrong with the 4s so why spend the money?  Then one morning after a workout the flash would not turn off!  With my battery draining fast I ordered a new one ASAP.  I was talked into a colorful cover {I like my phone plain and white!} by the hubs... what do you think?

2.  A outdoor clubhouse/gym for the boys.  This was a gift from both sets of grandparents and us for J and M's birthdays... but we finally decided on what one.  It will be the only thing in my backyard 
for a while!

3.  The most exciting... I finally ordered a coffee table for my family room!  Remember I reached out for your fabulous opinions because the hubs and I were torn between two {see post here}?  Well he won... this time at least.  That other table will find a home in my house one day!

This week I

tried gel polish for the first time.  My mom and I went halfies on the UV light and products to do it at home... and it was totally worth it!  A week in and not a single chip!  I am super hard on my nails... so this stuff is amazing!  Hooked for life!

This week I

did get to enjoy some sun at a friends house.  And while there we were able to see the little baby birds that she has been hatching for over 2 months!  First of all... check out her nest!  She was on pinterest before she built it!  HA!  And second.. look at the blue color of the egg!  Lovely!  We didn't disturb the nest for long.. a quick pic and we left it alone!

Thank goodness it is Friday!  The weather is going to be super nice here in Nor Cal this weekend!  Looking forward to a few home projects, some BBQing, and some family time!
How was your week?


Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Wow, big week my friend! I DO love the patterns in that bedroom, they look fabulous together. How exciting to see your work come together like that, and also about your big purchases! {Btw, I have also recently bought the gel kit and love it too…..worth every penny for us DIYers!)
Have a great weekend Tiffany….sounds like you could use a rest!