April 25, 2013

Our House | Backyard Inspiration

If you have not notice, occasionally on this blog I have mentioned that I like to enjoy the sun, and wine with my friends in my down time.  Well, that is hard to do when my entire backyard is covered in weeds and wild flowers.  Though the flowers are pretty, they do not make for a great entertaining space!  And as the weather is getting warmer, I am in full design phase of the backyard.  

Our house is built at the end of a cult-da-sac and is on a 1/4 of an acer shaped like a pie slice.  We have a lot of space to fill up, almost like 3 different yards... hopefully with a pool, garden, outdoor kitchen... just a great space to entertain.  When I first started looking for inspiration I have always go back to this one backyard that was in Sunset Magazine about 3 years ago.

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I know it may seem a bit grey and odd, but the hubs and I are in love.  Though we can not have a sunk in entertaining space, I am taking many ideas from this inspiration space!  I love the raw cinder block, the built in seating, fire pit, and of course the MCM additional seating!  I also love the garden!  I can not wait to have my own.. but that is a whole different post!


Patty Hibble said...

OH THANK YOU!! I now have inspiration! I was wanting something carefree, yet comfortable and inviting! And I think this is something we can do without having to hire outside help! :)

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

Love the garden and all the seating. And love the new site design too! :)