April 23, 2013

My House | Open Kitchen Shelving

When we first moved in this house we did a mini kitchen makeover.

{See whole project HERE}
We ripped out the some cabinetry to install open shelving, and I could not be happier with the look and function of this decision.  However... the first set of brackets we decided to go with were all wrong!

From the moment we put any weight on them they started to tilt forward.  This was not all that obvious to everyone, but it was to us.  And every time we would take a plate on or off the shelf would bounce a little bit.  We picked the first set up from Lowes in the home decor area and loved the simplicity of them.  They didn't have a weight rating, but figured we were putting them in studs so they would be fine.  Well over the last 6 months we grew tired of being super delicate with them and I always feared I would come home to find my plates and glasses on the ground.

We priced out some brackets online and resigned to having to pay $30 per bracket for something that was going to withstand the weight!  $180... but worth it to not have all of the dishes tumbling down.  Then one day the hubs was cruising the HD and came across these brackets in the aisle with the hinges, door knobs and latches... 

Working load limit of 600 lbs!!!  And they were not bad looking either!!  And you know the best thing?  They were only $8.99 each!!!  A buck less then the first set we bought from Lowes!

Install new bracket - check for level.

Install shelf on new bracket - check for level.

Place all plates and glassware on shelf and new bracket - check for level.
All GOOD!!!

All level, peace of mind, and no more bouncing of the shelves when we put on or remove anything from them!  The tile wall and open shelving is still one of my most favorite things in the kitchen!


Cheryl Thornton said...

looks great...love that your shelves are stainless steel - where did you get them???

Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

Thank god. What a mess that would have been if everything fell!

Lisa - A Room with A View said...

It must have been stressful not knowing if your dishes would be in pieces on the floor every time you came home. Definitely worth spending more. The kitchen looks amazing - fabulous tile, Tiffany!

Laura Stutzman House Envy said...

this looks awesome. I love unexpected unique touches in a kitchen. And this one is so functional which is key!
Great job!

House Envy

Shauna@Satori Design for Living said...

Love the look, and even better now that they function properly and you have the peace of mind.

Nancy said...

I LOVE those brackets Tiff! They are gorgeous and really make that nook. Great styling. Have a wonderful weekend.
xo Nancy