April 2, 2013

Joann's Fabric Sample Sale

I just had to share this with all of you... 
Joann's is replacing their loose fabric samples with fabric books...  SO they are clearing out there loose samples for $2!!!  Yup you read that right!
Pam from Simple Details wrote a post about it last week so I sort of was clued in.  I really had not thought that I needed them for anything.  I always pick up old sample squares at my favorite discount fabric store {we call them pillow squares}, but they are hit and miss.  They are the best to make pillows for such an inexpensive price! 

But this weekend I happened to be in the store and just started browsing.  And for $2 a square I couldn't pass these up!  I think I will have to go back to pick up some solids!
They measure a little under 18" square so you could make one smaller pillow or add a fabric band to make it larger!

I love these two with my living room fabric... and for only $4 {if I buy a solid sample back} a pillow!


Laura Stutzman House Envy said...

Oh thanks for sharing! You can always do something with remnants, yes?! Thanks for the tip!!

House Envy

Tiffany said...

Ha, I scored a few of these myself last week.