April 8, 2013

Client Project... Pantry Organization Progress Report

Over the weekend I spent a few hours at a clients house helping her organize her kitchen pantry.  Glass jars and labels make me so happy... is it just me?  When this client hired me she wanted to tear out her pantry... and install what I am not sure, but I quickly talked her out of it!  

I suggested we spend a fraction of what it would cost or re-build her pantry and just organize it better.  Jars, labels, basket, bins, and lazy susans... and it is like a new pantry!  I am not completely done... but we have certainly made some progress!

I love using lazy susans in the corners of the pantry because you an access everything!  Glass jars with chalkboard labels let you see what you have on hand, and change the label if you change what is inside.  Chalkboard labels were used again for her spices... we need a few more, but it is a good start!   

Do glass jars and labels make you happy?
Come on... admit it!!


Kim said...

Oh Tiffany ... I need your help in my kitchen!! I do love the jars but my family won't participate in keeping things neat!!! I think I need a new family!! xo

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

I do love the chalkboard labels, and the lazy susan in the corner!! Awesome job, Tiffany!

Shauna@Satori Design for Living said...

Fantastic job! Love the glass canisters and chalkboard labels. She must feel relieved!

Michelle said...

So where do I get those cute jars and labels for spices...so need those!

Laura Stutzman House Envy said...

Love this! It has been on my list to do this for the last several months...must. get. done.

Great job!