April 17, 2013

Client Project.... My Grandma's Flowers

Recently my Grandma {who gifted me with these fab chairs} moved from Hawaii.  She moved a lot of her things back to the mainland, but still needed some key pieces like sofa and chairs.  We have been slowly working on her house since December, and we are almost in the home stretch!

Friday I shared this beautiful mercury glass bowl with you and said I was going to put a flower arrangement in it, but was not sure what it was going to be.

One trip to Hob Lob and we were set.  Let me warn you... I typically do not do arrangements.  I defer to my mom for this sort of thing.  I always like my arrangements simple, one color and small... so this size of container and type of multiple flower seemed daunting.  

First to fill the deep bowl up I used a small cardboard box and hot glued it to the bottom.  The I used a foam ring and ball.  I was really just trying to fill the space up, but it provided two heights that helped in the end.

My grandma's vision for this bowl was to have asian like flowers falling over the sides of the bowl.  She also wanted pinks to be mixed in.  I like to call my grandma's style "Asian Granny"  She loves asian decor, but still loves the "foo foo" fussiness of florals and damasks.  Somehow we {my mom and I} blend these too really well.  Anyhow... back to the flowers!  My first layer was orchids that already had a natural bend to them.  I cut and lined the outer ring so they were just falling over the sides.  I did two different layers around the bowl.  Next I added some cherry blossoms in two different stems.  One was twiggy and the buds were small and the other was large with green leaves.

Working in a circle I just kept on layering the stems.  Cutting and working with one stem at a time until there were no bald spots and there was a nice mound to the arrangement.

My first and only faux flower arrangement to date!  
I love the way it fills up the table, still shows the bowl off and looks effortless. 

I will share more pics of her house soon, but here is her front room.  It originally was the formal living/dining room, but they would never use it.  So we placed her large entertainment center {she brought from hawaii} in here and made it a large conversation/television room.  I am in love with the blue sofas, style and color!  The house is rented, so we talked her into adding pops of color with the furniture since we were not going to paint the walls.  She fell in love with this blue and so did we!

I am excited to announce... 
Myself and 4 other amazing bloggers are gearing up to head outside.  We would like to invite you to link up and share your outside projects with us!  Get busy thinking and I will share more details on when the party gets closer!  And be sure to visit the other ladies... you don't already! 


Shauna@Satori Design for Living said...

Okay, I have to ask. Is that a real dog on the sofa? Very convincing, but I'm not too sure! Looking forward to seeing your outdoor projects!

Donnamae said...

If that living room is called Asian Granny...I'm in! It's gorgeous! Great flower arrangement...it has presence! ;)

barbara@hodge:podge said...

Stunning arrangement! And can't wait to see your outdoor projects as well!

Shabby Sweet Tea said...

I am not a big fan of fake floral arrangements but must say that the one you created is stunning! I love the mercury glass bowl and how large the arrangement is.

Random: Did you photo shop the dog in? Is it real? Stuffed animal? It's tripping me out!

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

What a pretty arrangement Tiffany! I love that bowl too. Looking forward to your Outdoor Extravaganza series!
Hope you have a fun weekend!