April 5, 2013

Calling In Sick... Hair and Pinterest Randoms

Seriously... I am never sick!  And if I even think I might be getting sick, I talk myself out of it; give it a good sweaty workout and a coating of wine and typically I am fine the next day!  But the other day after the hubs came home from the station in the middle of the night sick {and he never is sick either!} I had a feeling I was next.  And sure enough the next morning when he woke up feeling fine I was the one with stomach cramps! YUCK!

This is where I have been for the last couple days!  If you have read my blog for any length of time, you know I don't sit still for long... this was annoying!  Oh well... gave me time to catch up on Housewives!  OC is my fav... I am so excited for it to be on again!

Keeping it personal... 

I got my hair did earlier this week.  I typically don't share pics of me on this blog.. and I am not blessed with the "take a pic of yourself" cuteness, but I love it!  Shout out to my favorite person Suzanne for the hair cut!  {BTW she is the one that is thinking about starting a blog "Domestic Disaster" and I think she is going to do it!!}

While I was laying in bed sick I couldn't stand not being productive!  So I pulled out the iPad and re-organized my Pinterest boards.  I had over 1000 pins on My Style board about clothes, fashion DIY, and makeup/beauty products.  So I made some new boards to keep the clutter down.  I also did this with my Cook, Eat, Drink page.  Holy crap over 700 pins?  Will I ever make that much food!  
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Also the very talented Elizabeth from The Mustard Ceiling Designs is working on a new blog layout for me!  IF you were going to redesign my blog what would you change?  
Don't be shy... seriously give me your opinion!

Have a great weekend!


Amelia @ House Pretty said...

You should share more pics of yourself - you look great! Feel better soon!

Nancy said...

Hope youre feeling better! Your hair looks great, and so do you!
xo Nancy