March 14, 2013

Our House... Family Room Update

Yesterday I was guest posting over at Shauna's awesome blog

Satori Design for Living

Be sure to pop over to Satori Design For Living where I am sharing my tips to freshen your house for spring!  I would be doing the same in mine, if I was anywhere close to needing freshening!  I  just need to finish decorating them in the first place!

But there has been some progress in my Family room this week!  
Very, very, very small progress, but still something.

Do you remember my garage sale steals from last weekend?  I sprayed the lamp gloss white, and left the table the same.  I also added a pillow to the wing backs {still need to make the other one}.  I love the grey burned out velvet with the orange piping.

I originally thought I would mimic the stripes in the cornice and the walls with a big band of orange, but in the end just the small detail of orange piping was enough.

I am not sure I am sold on the table in the middle, but it will work for the moment!
What do you think?  Is the table a keeper or keep-until-I-find-a-better-one?


lisaroyhandbags said...

I really like the table - definitely keep it. Your orange piping is a fun touch on the pillows :)

Diane Haynie said...

love the pillows with the orange piping. I think I might go back to a solid table since the base of the table and the base of the lamp seem to compete with each other from your pics. But if you keep it I do like the brown finish, especially if you choose the husband's choice for a coffee table. Might want to add an orange finial of some sort on top of the lamp and fun accessories on the coffee table and it will all tie together. Cute rooom!

Kim said...

You know I love the pop of orange Tiffany!! I like the piping and the pillows!! I say the table is a keeper until you find the knock-dead perfect one ... and you will know it when you see it!! xo

Ali of Dressing Ken said...

I don't mind the table, there just so many options and ways to go! But you did a great job. Following on Bloglovin.

Ali of

Dawn @ Inspired Living said...

Those chairs are awesome, and I really like the lamp makeover! I also noticed the stripe on your curtain in the background. I keep considering that for my curtains. I'm nervous about adding it to my Pottery Barn ones, but maybe the IKEA panels....did you do that yourself?