March 27, 2013

How To... Construct a Shelf Table

 Thank you for all of your wonderful comments and emails about my parents kitchen.  Though I will take credit for the design work, it really was my parents that put it all together!  The both have amazing taste... so it was pretty easy!  
Once the kitchen design was in place and construction was underway it was time to start planning all of the other decorative details of the kitchen.  This meant the window treatments, countertop decor and accent furniture.  

Most of it was easy {even talking my mom into the red fabric for the valance material was not that hard...} but finding the perfect thing to go on the wall next to the dining table was very difficult.  The space was tight, and we really couldn't fit a table bigger than 9" there without feeling crowded when someone was sitting there.  We entertained 2 different tables to the right side of the that wall, but nothing was right.  So... my mom asked my dad to build her a table that would fit.  If you have not noticed my dad does not sit still for very long!

My dad calls it a shelf table because he used a furniture grade shelf for the top that measures about 9".  He purchased pre-made legs and the metal plates to screw them in and 1x2 to make the apron and supports.

He built an apron about an 1" smaller than the top, and cut corner braces to make the table sturdy and have a place to attach the legs.  

 To add a little bit of decorative detail he added rope molding to the edges with some finishing nails.

He painted it out in ASCP red with the dark wax.  He really worked the dark wax in, not to age the finish, but to darken the red.
The table fills up that wall perfectly and provides a little bit of surface space to display pictures, a clock and a small lamp to light that side of the room.  He secured it to the wall with some small L brackets... you can never be to careful with 2 hyper boys running around! 

Simple, custom, and perfect for the space!


Amy said...

that looks fabulous. I love that you chose red as the color!

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Shabby Sweet Tea said...

What a cute table! I love the molding around the edge and the fact he used ASCP:)

Sew Couture - Aisha J. said...

This looks really nice, and I love the construction simplicity...may have to give that a try!!

Diane Haynie said...

Perfect and adorable! Does your Dad take orders?