March 12, 2013

Client Project... Tuscan Guest Bedroom

One of the clients I am currently working with has me working on his house and his office {see his office lobby here}.  This office and home are very different spaces.  His office is clean, young and modern, but his house is traditional.  I love the contrast!

The guest bedroom is where I am focusing the most attention currently.  His guest bedroom was the catch all room... the place everything went when it had nowhere to go.  But he was ready to have a grown up guest bedroom.  Here is what I started with:

I wouldn't say I actually had anything to work with, but the paint color was going to stay.

Here is the design selections I presented him.  I knew I would source most things locally, and I scored big!  I picked up that dresser on CL for $100 with a night stand!  

I was thinking of leaving the top wood, but it was in bad condition... 

The dresser was nicked up pretty bad, but it had good lines, and great crevasses to add the dark wax to.

Please pardon my iPhone camera... I seem to be forgetting my camera lately!  I am very happy with the way the dresser looks now, and the lightness in the room.

I am still waiting on window treatments and a sofa sleeper.  The art was originally just a canvas, but I really wanted a chunky frame.  When I priced out some custom it was close to $500!!  So I employed my dad to make a frame for me.

As always, he did a great job!  The frame really makes the canvas pop!  I will train him better to take more pictures.. but he literally made it on the fly like the day before I was going to install it!  The picture makes me want to take a trip to Italy!