March 1, 2013

Client Project... Parent's Kitchen Update

Oh this week just flew by!  
I am so looking forward to the weekend and some nice weather here in Nor Cal!

Many exciting things are happening over at my parents kitchen.  We just did the template for the marble countertops and visited the fabrication shop to lay it out just perfectly!  I wish I had more pictures to share with you... but I was in designer mode and not blogger mode when this was all happening.  But I promise update pictures next week when they are being installed.  It is going to look AMAZING!

Most recently my dad installed the decorative wood hood last night and these are some pics my mom sent me via her iPhone.  We were feeling like the white needed to be broken up so she decided to paint the trim on the hood the same color as the walls.  We are going to go source out something for the flat band at the bottom today.  Something in rod iron, or maybe a wood appliqué, or maybe something super unique... who knows, something will pop out at us!

If you don't remember before, my dad removed all of the cabinets from their old layout and saved them to be reinstalled.  There were a holes to fill in with new cabinetry and other places we made useable like these open shelves to the right of the sink.  My mom can store her cookbooks there and any other fun accessories.  Just to the right of that my dad used some filler space to make a home for his cutting boards.  Right below where most of the prep will happen, but tucked away.  You really can't even see it unless you are standing right in the kitchen.

Isn't she pretty?!?!  The 36" range has been delivered, but we have to wait to install till the countertops are in.  She is going to look amazing in the space!

My dad also laid the tile floor.  We decided on a "rug" design for the entry to define the space a little more.  The tile is a porcelain that has been photo lasered to mimic the natural movement of travertine.  Almost no two tiles are the same, and with the honed finish it is really hard to tell it is not travertine!

More to come next week!
Happy Weekend!


Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

What a pretty kitchen! How lucky your parents are to have you to help them with this!!

Mallory | Confetti and Stripes said...

It's looking awesome. Jealous of that oven!!!

Laura@Elegant Nest said...

Looks great Tiffany. It's so fun when all the designing, planning, and shopping finally become a reality!