February 12, 2013

Organizing The Garage... $50 Workbench

I know that most garages are for the man in the house, but in my house I actually use the garage more than the hubs.  I think he would like to use it more, but all of my spray paints, cans of chalk paint, brushes, and decor items have taken it over!  But, just like we planned out our house and backyard, we also planned out a garage we both could use, and park both of our cars in!

We have made some headway, but still far from done.

I feel like "the stuff" just keeps piling up and up!  I know there is an end in sight though....
The hubs got to get handy with his power tools and built a workbench for the both of us to use.

Right now it is working as a catch-all until we can move everything to its final location.  He is working on doing a light sand and the will apply some stain.  I wish I could get him on the page of taking pics while working... but honestly they probably wouldn't be that good!  HA!

But he DID follow a tutorial he found online.
He pretty much followed it to a tee, so click on over if you are interested in building this.
A few over head racks and maybe one more woodworking project and I think we will be set!

Do you have any great projects you have done for your garage to corral your stuff?

Hi Living Savvy readers! I'm Amelia from House Pretty Blog and Tiffany has very kindly invited me to share my organization tips with you (thanks Tiffany!). My husband and I live in a small, old house with our infant daughter, a dog and a cat, so we're always trying to figure out better ways to organize our 'stuff' and make the most of our small space. Here's what worked for us in my daughter's teeny nursery (the room is barely 8' x 10').

Go vertical
By installing floating shelves (we found ours at Home Depot), we gained a ton of storage without taking up valuable floor space. Shelves also make it easy to switch up art, books and toys as your tastes or needs change. The fabric-covered box on the bottom shelf houses keepsakes like Hannah's hospital bassinet tag and special notes and cards people gave us when she was born.

Maximize your closet space
The closet in this room came with your standard shelf and single rod, which = lots of wasted space. The closet may be tiny, but after customizing an inexpensive shelving system we're now using every inch of it. Dollar store bins help organize her clothes by size, while two rods separate her sleepers from her tops and dresses. I think it's easier - and faster - to find and put away clothes by hanging them up and it frees up her dresser to store diapers, blankets, burp cloths and other baby necessities. We even have space to stash the diaper pail so it's out of sight, but still within reach of the changing table (you can just see the handle peeking out from under her clothes).

When in doubt, use a basket
Bins and baskets make any mess look organized. I bought this large basket to corral toys and stuffed animals. It looks great in the room and I like that I can practice my jump shot while tidying up (I need all the practice I can get).

Take advantage of wasted space
We installed hooks behind the door to turn previously wasted space into a spot to hang Hannah's bath towel and laundry bag. The laundry bag is a really simple project that I sewed myself and it's a great alternative to a hamper when you've got limited closet or floor space. And although we haven't tackled it yet, we have plans to DIY a simple window box that will turn the wasted space under the window into a mini-library. I'll be sharing a tutorial on my blog next week, so be sure to stop by!

I hope you found these organization tips helpful and a huge thanks to Tiffany for including me in her series!


Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

Love your ideas Amelia! And Tiffany, so jealous of that big garage. That sucker would be full in no time, so I'm impressed that you all have kept it clear for cars! :)