February 18, 2013

Organized... Spices and Sauces

Is everyone enjoying their 3 day weekend?  I am on a whirl wind organizing spree!  SO many great tips to share this week!

Since I got my pantry in order a couple of weeks ago I felt the rest of my kitchen needed a little straightening.  I love to cook and have a constant supply of spices and sauces that I like to cook with.  I don't have a lot of upper cabinet storage {especially after my mini kitchen makeover} but I knew I needed one whole cabinet for my spices.

I have to admit it was a disaster before.  I typically am very organized and if anything my cabinets, pantry and fridge just needs a clean out, but this cabinet was so not the case...

When we first moved in, I thought I would be ok with just one side of this cabinet.  I was storing another 2 sets {yes, I have many sets of dishes} on the other side, but as you can see my spices just kept on creeping over.

I started by pulling everything out and throwing away anything that has less then a tbsp of stuff in in.  Then I separated things by likes; baking, cooking.

A while ago I had purchased small glass jars to make candles with for this baby shower I hosted, but never used them.  They fit perfectly on shelves so I decided to spray paint the lids with chalk board paint.  I also sprayed my existing glass jars from Ikea.

As I have said before, I like to see everything.  I emptied all of my large Costco size spices and mixtures into mason jars, and labeled the top of them.  There are 90 labels in here so I can cover over them as they change.

Just like my pantry, I like lazy susans and stadium seating so I can see everything.  I love having the glass jars to see how much I have left, and all of the colors of the spices are so vibrant!

Now I need a cooking day!
Hello Living Savvy readers! I'm Danylle from Nana Moon and I am getting a ton of ideas from this series, aren’t you? Thanks Tiffany for this opportunity! Today I’d like to share tips on how I repurposed everyday items to help organize my office.

  paint series1

I purchased this vintage armoire for my office and painted it last summer. I removed the doors for easy access. The top shelf is now home to several magazines and binders that I use very frequently. armoire1
When I purchased it, there was a missing drawer. I added bead board to it and now it is a shelf to hold all the modems and phone. I drilled a small hole in the back for the cords to come through. I added bead board to the drawer fronts as well. The drawers hold chargers, manuals and misc. office supplies.

  office organizing2

I use these 3 vintage picnic baskets to hold school supplies and printer paper.

office organizing1
My vintage typewriter is often used to hold post cards and other printed pieces that I inspire me. I like having everything at my finger tips and yet still put in it’s place. Repurposing these items has given me that freedom. danylle_signature



Laurend Alice said...

very good organised :>

Decor & Harmony said...

Wow you mean business I would love it if my spices were that neat you did a fantastic job. Thanks to you I now want something spicy for dinner :) thanks as always Tiffany.

Mr. & Mrs. P said...

So glad we came across your blog.

What a great idea. Love the jars for the spices!

Nancy said...

Great ideas. Love your spices Tiff. I need to do this... You're inspiring me, but Im not quite there yet.. this is a great series.
xo Nancy