February 26, 2013

Organized... Peg Board for Jewelry

Yesterday I posted about my organized master closet.. and I am still loving it!  Part of that closet is my every growing jewelry collection.  When I was in the rental I had all of my necklaces hanging behind the dresser, but there was way more wall space.  This closet had me stumped for a bit on where to hang my jewelry. 

 If you read a few weeks back I have a new obsession with peg boards.  There are endless ways one could use a peg board!  The hubs had some left over from his $50 work bench project so I snatch it right up!  It fit perfectly in this little space next to my dresser.

To install peg board in a wall you need to use Peg Board anchors.  This will anchor it properly to the wall, and give your a few inches to slide the hooks and attachments into the board without ruining your wall.  

There are so many attachments, hooks, and pegs out there to be used!  I just used what was left of a kit the hubs bought for the workbench, but I might cruise Amazon to see if there is anything better for my earrings.  As you can tell from the necklace to earring ratio, I am not a huge earring fan so this will work for now!

For the rest of my jewelry I used a bracelet holder I picked up from Ross and a small tray to hold my everyday wear like my wedding ring and watch.  I also picked up the necklace display at Ross... it is fun to just show a fun piece off like this! Now everything is out and visible and organized!

Now off to find other spots for the peg board!

Hey all, I'm Carmel from Our Fifth House, and I'm thrilled to be over here sharing a few of my best organization tips!

1. Think Outside the Box
Sometimes storage space can be an issue.  It can be hard to get organized when you don't have the space you need to neatly store your stuff.  I've found that with a little creativity you can create unconventional storage solutions.

Since I don't have a linen closet anywhere near my little basement bathroom I hung window baskets on the wall to hold hand towels and extra toilet paper.

window box bathroom storage

2. Maximize and Style-ize
Taking advantage of every inch of vertical storage space is the best way to get the most out of a small closet. 

master closet storage

shoe storage

In addition, taking the time to make a storage area stylish can really help you to want to keep that space clutter free.  I used a bunch of fabric scraps to create a wall "paper" in my master closet.  And I also used a gold sharpie to give my basic shoe shelves a little campaign style.


Those two easy and inexpensive diy projects gave my closet a little dose of style and have really helped me to want to keep it clean, neat and organized!

3. Re-evaluate
Last but not least I think it's important to re-evaluate from time to time.  Sometimes even after you've organized a space you'll find that it's still just not quite working out for you.  I can't even tell you how many times I've reorganized a cabinet or drawer.  The most recent reorganization happened in my coffee cabinet.  I found a better solution for storing all of our k-cups and it is working out so much better than the system I had in place before.

coffee cabinet

For more of my organization projects and ideas feel free to check out my organization gallery.  Thanks so much Tiffany for including me in this series!  Now, I've got to go organize my junk drawers - they need some serious help!


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

such a great idea for jewelry!! and i love carmel's closet! :)