February 19, 2013

Organized... My Monica Closets

As I mentioned, this last weekend I was an organizing blitz.  The hubs made huge progress in the garage and I was able to tackle almost everything behind a closed door or as I like to call them my "Monica Closets"!

My new house does not have all that much storage space, at least compared to the old rental.  There are no built in cabinets, and no extra bedrooms to stuff full of unused decor.  What I do have is a very large hall closet with just a pole and shelf, and a semi large linen closet at the end of the hall.

The space in this closet is just wasted!  I knew when we moved in I wanted to install some sort of shelving here for office supplies and misc client items.  

The hubs cut half of the shelf and pole out for me.  Then I patched, painted and hung the adjustable shelving.  The installation took me all of an hour to put up.

Now all of my paper items, files, and samples for client projects have a home.  Just around the corner, on the other side of the closet wall is my desk, so everything is very close!  There is even a place to lean large rolls of fabric... so nice to have that out of sight!

Yup... there it is.  My Monica closet.  This was the place things went when I was unpacking and either ran out of room in their original home, or I didn't know where they would go.

I decided this closet should house all of my decor vases and trays.  Before my knotty pine makeover was holding all of my decor, but it was cramped and hard to see everything.
And now organized...

It is all separated and organized so everything is visible and easy to find!
Oh, I am so happy when I walk by any of my closets now.  Even if I don't open it, I know it is very neat and organized behind the door!

stayathomeista white marble kitchen

This organizing tip may seem counter-intuitive, but by keeping the things I use every morning on the counter, I save a TON of time. In this one little corner of my kitchen, I keep my mixer (used almost daily), our Nespresso Machine (more about my hubby's coffee addiction here), fruit, my favorite cookbooks, and a family handprint art project. Here is a shot of a normal morning in the kitchen.

kitchen organizing tip

It also helps that my drawers are super strategic, so the cooking utensils are right next to the stove, the knives are under the cutting board, that sort of thing.

in drawer knife block

I'd love to have you come over and visit me anytime! I love sharing  my DIY projects, design tips, parenting tricks, and my favorite recipes.




Nancy said...

You are really getting organized Tiff, so happy for you. I know it feels great. How wonderful to have an accessories closet! Im going to do that in my new laundry room cabinets. Jessica's kitchen is a designer's dream..so beautiful and fortunate!
xo Nancy