February 25, 2013

Organized... Master Bedroom Closet

Oh Happy Monday!  
Did you all have a great weekend?  As I mentioned before I pretty much worked all weekend, but I defiantly found some time to be a little social and hang out with some friends!

Last weekend I went on my organize spree in the house and it ended with my master closet.

I don't have a huge closet, but I do have a fairly nice size walk in that I share with the hubs.  When I moved in I knew I would be doing this series so I really didn't put much thought into unpacking. 

As you can see I sort of let it get out of control!  My shoe boxes were to high to actually put anything away, the closet on the ground was just pure laziness, and my jewelry was just piling up on the dresser because I did feel like hanging anything to hang the necklaces on.

I knew I could use this space better so I started by clearing everything out.  Typically when I reorganize my closet I go through my closet and throw out when I have not worn that season, but since it is still winter that will be done later.  I store my out of season clothes in my nightstands and the bottom 2 drawers of my dresser in the closet. 

I like all of my clothes organized in sections like length of sleeves then in that section from light to dark.  I also thought that if I move my jeans to the top I would be able to use the shelf in the middle for shoes. I keep the ones I wear often on top with no lid so they can be grabbed quickly.  I know it seems crazy to store all of my shoes in their own box, but in every closet I have had this is the easiest system.  I find my shoe boxes at big lots for $.99!!!  Just like my out of season clothes, I store my out of season shoes up high.

As you have seen in my kitchen, I am a out of sight out of mind girl, so I have to see everything!  I purchased this cubby system for my tanks, tees and sweaters.  In the spring I will change out the sweaters for shorts, and the long sleeve tees for tube tops.

I love my scarves, but they take up so much room!  I added two cafe rods {$3 from walmart} to a blank wall and hung all of my scarves from it.  Before they were hanging from hangers tucked in the back of the closet, so they were hard to get to and I never wanted to put them away.  Now it is a simple glance to see which one I want to wear, and easy to hang it back up.

The things I wear most often are at an arms reach, so these boots are low.  I lined my other boots on the top shelf where they are still easy to get to, and still visible for me to reference.  I stuff my purses with tissue paper so they keep their shape, and stand up nicely up high.

The baskets are nice because I can see in there and things don't get lost on the bottom.  My clutches, big sweater wraps and leggings, and belts are all stored in the baskets.  And the dirty clothes basket is on the bottom.

As you can see I don't give the hubs much room, but fortunately for me he doesn't need that much!  I added these shelves to maximize the height here, but I am thinking of installing more shelving later.  

All of his shoes and our hats are in reach.  I love the line up of them!  I better organized my jewelry {more on that tomorrow} so now it is all easy to get to!

Any other hats that are not worn that often are stored here.  I didn't waste a single wall in this closet!

I picked up this ottoman at Walmart for $15!  I have plans to add some funky design to it...  one day.  I use it to sit on when I put my shoes on, and to step on when I need to grab something on the high shelves.

So there you have it!  Maybe one day I will have all of the fancy closet organizer people come out and add drawers and shoe racks, but until then this works!

Please welcome Barbara from Hodge Podge!
Hello Living Savvy readers, so glad to be popping by Tiffany's blog to share my organizational tip! I like to think of myself as a pseudo-organized person. While on the surface, my home looks organized, there are still the dark and scary zones in the house that could use some de-cluttering. I am one of those "pilers", where I love to make piles of things. The best way to corral those piles are with baskets, I have a hard time walking by baskets without buying one! Using a basket is a great way to collect "stuff" and have it visually hidden. If you came over, you would find at least one basket in every room of the house!

So I hope you don't overlook a basket as a great way to contain that clutter!


Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

That closet is enviable! :)

Marie @ Lemondrop Vintage said...

Lovely! I love peeking at closets, I am always working on mine.Currently I am trying hard to weed.

Marie @
Lemondrop ViNtAge

I am having a fabulous giveaway right here.

Shauna@Satori Design for Living said...

Looking great Tiffany. I recently did ours as well and it feels so light and airy (I really weeded out clothes we don't wear and it's looking pretty sparse, but I like it!).

Hannah said...

Looks so good! Gets me itching to organize!

Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

Tiffany said...

This is inspiring. I'm getting motivated to finally do something with my closet.

Carmel @ Our Fifth House said...

Your closet looks so great! What a great layout you have in there!

ehomaha said...

I love your organized closet! Could you tell me where you got your bracelet holder and the hat organizer? We're definitely in need of both of those items :)