February 7, 2013

How To... Hang Stuff On Hollow Core Doors

Like I said yesterday I think the back of doors is the most un capitalized piece or real estate in a closet or pantry!  But most of the time it is hard to hang things up on it because they fall down do easily, and the door is hallow so you just can't drill a screw in... I have tried!  So I went on a search for some sort of anchor that would allow me to drill into the hollow core and make this piece of my pantry useable.
{And when I say I I mean the hubs!}

Back in the rentals I used the glass dry erase board as our family calendar.  But now that our calendars synch we don't have to write much down anymore.  SO that is when the hubs suggested we turn it into a menu board.  I always try to menu plan for the week... so this helps with knowing what I will be cooking that day and the hubs can leave notes for items that need replacing in the box on the bottom.

So how did we do it?

These puppies can hold up to 124 lbs!  That is some serious weight!  And they were called nothing fancy but Plastic Toggle Hollow Core Door Anchors!!

After measuring and drawing out the lines on the back {so meals can be erased, but day dividers can't} of the glass board me measured and marked where I wanted it.

Then he drilled a hole based on the manufactures directions.

Next you take the anchor and pinch it closed so it can fit in the hold.  They provide a small red "hey" to push the anchor all the way in.

Apply screws and attachments as needed..

I am so happy it worked!  I love having a list quick to reference!  And sort of amazed it has not fallen down yet.  Makes me know they wont be anytime soon.

What will you do with your un tap real estate of the back door?

Hi Living Savvy readers!  I am Ashley and I blog over at Domestic Fashionista where I love to share about home decor, entertaining, simple living and aspire to encourage "creative homemaking for the modern day woman".  Today I am sharing with you one of my favorite ways to organize things, specifically talking about what I like to call my "beauty drawer".

I believe when it comes to organizing things, they should be both functional and pretty.  In order to achieve this I like to use everyday dishes to organize my jewelry, makeup, and other accessories.  By using everyday dishes, I can mix and match all I want while still keeping it looking pretty.  But if I change my mind they just go back in the kitchen.

Another tip for organizing is to cut back.  This drawer would not remain neat and beautiful if I had double the earrings and makeup.  I have found that if I have less to choose from, I actually use all of my beauty supplies and enjoy them. 


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Very good :)

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I need to organize! Your pantry and drawer are perfect.

Jessica Mireles said...

have you tried using the 3M picture hangers?

they can hold up a pretty decent amount of weight too. I used them to put a cork bulletin board on the back of my pantry door and love it! no holes in my door that way either.

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What a great solution!