February 14, 2013

Happy Day Of Commercial Love

Can you tell by the title I am a cynic about Valentines Day?  
I absolutely can not stand a day that is solely made up for a day for all men make up the past year of forgotten birthdays and anniversaries.  I think that every day should be a day the man that I love should treat me special and he should get me flowers on a random Thursday if the mood so strikes him.  I resent that he needs to be told what day to be romantic... but do you want to know the irony of this day for me?

10 years ago today I met my husband!  How is that for cupid shooting me in the ass!?!
So for this reason and this reason alone we are going to celebrate this day.  Not because Hallmark tells us to... but because it is a memorable day for that should be celebrated!  And yes it is hearth themed!

As always I made a tip to the $ store for some last minute decorations.  I picked up these silk flowers that I cut down and hot glued to a piece of card board.  I intended to do the whole heart, but decided to stop and glitter the other half for a fun effect!  Plus that was the vote of my two boys that have very deserting taste!  I also picked up the paper hear dollies I used to make the heart garlands.  

M made the bookmark for me at pre-school and I saw it as the perfect fit with my "Meet-a-versary" decor.

 Maxwell even got a felt heart scarf to feel festive!

I love arrangements in all one color but different flowers.  I pulled this off with simple flowers that didn't cost the price of roses, but still have a very romantic feel.  I hung some more felt heart garland from the ceiling to have the effect of heigh centerpiece and I added the paper heart dollies for some color and layering!  A simple romantic table for two!

 Happy Meet-a-versary Honey!  
I am so happy cupid shoot me in the butt on this day 10 years ago!
I have never been more happy!

Happy heart day!
I am Heather from Interior Groupie and
on this day of love, I hope that my tips can save some love-bug arguments and get you organized in your closet space (is there ever enough room?).

I've got three (yes, three!) simple tips for making your closet an organized oasis.

1. Make the most of what you have for storage:
My closet organizer has four deep drawers. This sounds like a lot, but I have to share them with the Mr. so I only get two (let's not remind him that I also get the closet in the office...shhh). My socks, tights, and under things really don't take up that much room, but I like having them separated so I can quickly grab what I need, when I need it. To help this, I made very simple drawer dividers to make my two drawers have the space of four.
This divider is beyond easy to make: cut cardboard to size, cover with shelf paper, and stick it in your drawer to act as a divider.

2. Buy matching hangers:
This just makes your closet look that much better. Wood is my choice, but the hangers do take up room. If you're looking to really pack stuff in there the velvetty flocked hangers may be a better choice. Just please, no multi coloured plastic ones!
These IKEA Bumerang hangers are my choice

3. Edit and donate:
The best tip I've heard for editing your closet is this: after you have gone through your closet (and naturally talked yourself into not letting go of a few items) hang all your clothes with the hanger the "wrong" way. As you wear items, turn the hangers around to the front. The next time you go to edit your closet EVERYTHING that is still facing the wrong way (unless it is a seasonal reason) gets donated.

I hope that you were able to take one (or all) of these tips to heart to help better organize your closet!


Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

Here here sister!

Laura@Elegant Nest said...

Ha! I laughed out loud when I read the title to this post! Love all your sweet decorations!