February 1, 2013

Friday Finds... Klein Canvas Tool Bags

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Yesterday while I was driving on the freeway I passed a construction truck that was loaded with, well what looked like a whole lota crap.  But as I whizzed by at my normal 80 MPH something caught my eye.  I had to slow way down to check out this bag that was hanging from his overhead rack {5 in my list} and I instantly had 10 things I could use this bag for!  I went searching online to find them {not while I was driving BTW} and low and behold The Home Depot was on of the few retailers that carried these bags!  The Klein Tool Company has been around since 1857 and originally {and still does} makes hand tools for the professional trade of telecommunications and electricians.  I couldn't find much information on the bags... but they were made to last and support a lot of weight.

Then I went searching for some great home decor examples because I am sure I am not the only person who has thought to use these bags in the home... but I couldn't find any!  I want to use these for magazines, in the kids playroom, for laundry hampers, even as my work bag!  I am loving the leather pouch for all of my drafting tools, or even my makeup!

What would you use them for?

I am working on cornice round 2 this weekend.  If you follow me on Instagram {savvydesign} you may have seen a sneak peak.  I am so excited... so far I think I got it right this time! 


shannon said...

I love these!!!! I used to carry one as a purse maybe 10 years ago? I wonder if I still have it??;)