January 16, 2013

New Client... Love At First Sight

The other day I had a first consult with a new client.  As an interior designer you never really know what you may walk into to.  But can I just say... the moment this door opened I was trying very hard to keep my jaw from falling to the floor!  Everything about this home was totally what I would have picked for my new home if my upgrade budget was just a wink {ok... just a whole lot} more!!  The floors, the moldings, the doors... all amazing!  Not to mention the furnishing the client had already purchased... perfection!  Made me wonder {for a second} why she wanted to hire me!!

Off the entry way is the living room, which my client would like to use to drink wine and enjoy friends!  In the wall above the chairs she would like to install a gallery wall and a pop of color for accent.  She had previously purchased these curtains for this room, and we may do a little customization to them.

There is some work do be done in the dining room, but the foundation is perfect!

Who doesn't love a pair of sofas facing each other?!  The client would like to stick with brown, grey, white, and green for the main spaces.

Guest bedroom off of the family room.  The blue and yellow are a perfect match!

This is the master bath.  I have no words... I am in love with this master shower!  The one thing I didn't mention about this house is that it is a normal track suburban house.  The upgrades they have I didn't even think were possible! 

The master bed, I think is simple, elegant and everything pops off of the dark floor!

This is one of their kids rooms... and I am just in love with the pink chevron rug {duh} mixed with the green!

Obviously just some finishing work to bring it all together {she didn't hire me because she doesn't know where to start} but I am so excited to be working in this space!

On a completely different note...


to my amazing and wonderful Dad!

I love you!


LiveLaughDecorate said...

wow. Those are some amazing items to start with! The bathroom is killer, the bench in dining room, fab and the matching sofas? sigh. This should be an easy one lady. Good luck! Can't wait to see the results

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

What a great way to start a project! How fun this will be to see come together :) Can't wait to see more!

Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

Gorgeous home!! This will be a fun project for you :) I love all the finishes and furniture, I know it will look even better once you're done!

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Oh my gosh - gorgeous! This is going to be so fun to decorate!!

Mercy said...

Do you know what Builder made the house?

Shauna@Satori Design for Living said...

Looks like a fantastic home. I know you'll do a great job helping her pull it all together. Be sure to post pics!

Nancy said...

awesome beginnings for sure, a dream client!
xo Nancy