January 4, 2013

Client Project... Parents Kitchen

Oh happy Friday!  First week of 2013 is done... how did we all stick to our resolutions?

I am not sure I posted about this back in November {with all of my crazy house stuff} but my parents moved back to Cali full time.  After spending the summer here, they knew it was the right place for them to be.  I am not sure how anyone leaves Hawaii... but for them it was time.  Plus they can always go back if they really want to.

Back in April when they first came out for their summer stay we threw a few ideas around to make their kitchen more functional {see post HERE}.  But other projects seemed to take priority like the fireplace and living room, and guest/kids bedroom.  But now that they are back full time, they are ready to tackle the kitchen.

Here is their existing layout:

My mom does not like how everyone has to walk thru the kitchen to get to the dining table.  She also feels like the table is stuck in a hole and that it is very boring to eat in the hole.

Here are a few ideas we were throwing around last summer:

In this option we would completely refigure the layout and move the sink to the window.  At the time my mom really wanted the peninsula and a place for barstools.  I felt this design was a bit crowded.

Then we thought about moving the entrance for the kitchen to in between the dining room and kitchen.  This way you would see the dining room when you walked in the front door and no one would have to talk thru the kitchen to get to the hole.  

After many "conceptual design" discussions, and a little compromise on both sides this is the final layout:

My mom really wanted the sink under the windows, but had to give up the peninsula to create enough room for her dining table.  We are re-using most of the existing kitchen cabinets, just in a new layout and a new color.  And my dad gets a 36" range... always a dream of his!

Construction has begun..

My dad did most of the demo, but we brought in a contractor to do the heavy lifting of rough electrical, and plumbing.  And then he will finish up with the cabinet install and finish work.

It will be an amazing transformation!


Amelia @ House Pretty said...

Your parents are so lucky to have your skills to draw on! Oh, and my aunt and cousins moved from Hawaii to Vermont, so go figure! :)