January 23, 2013

Client Project.... Parents Kitchen Update

We are in phase 2 of my parents kitchen!  All of the rough {electrical & plumbing} has been completed and the walls are closed up and ready for cabinets!  

 This is about where I left you all last update.

And here it is today!  After the texture was done, my parents painted where there wouldn't be cabinets.  With the wall down, there is so much light!  My mom is very happy!

 Last summer when we were selecting tile for the fireplace project, we came across this flooring tile.  The beautiful porcelain... {yes you read me right porcelain!!!} is the perfect combination of grey, yellow and blue!  We did a dry tile layout to get the position of the "tile rug" placement and then worked the field tiles off of that.

 These are the tiles for the backsplash!  Honestly I was a little socked when my parents came back with the modern brick layout, but I love it.  We are going to work in the glass "bling tile" as my mom likes to call it into the modern brick.  The 1x1 marble will be used as the decorative backsplash behind the range and we will pop a few of the tiles out and work some of the "bling tile" in.  It is the perfect light breakup of the white cabinets, white counters {Carrera},  and a white backsplash!

In the new kitchen design we were able to re-use all but one of their existing cabinets!  We had to purchase a few extra boxes and some trim, but re-using existing has allowed them to spend $ on other items.  Once my dad has all of the cabinets installed in their new layout he will paint them.  He is using the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations to paint them.  So far he says it has been easy... maybe I can get him to write a tutorial for the blog!

 This is the new view from where the new range will be.  The house just feels so much more open and functional... well not right now {it will be more functional then their make-shift kitchen in the far distance!!}


Nancy said...

so exciting. Love the foyer treatment. What a wonderful kitchen space with the bank of windows!
xo Nancy