November 28, 2012

The Pressure of Being a Blogger

**Warning... wordy post ahead**

From the day my mom let me redo my bedroom from burgundy victorian to modern red on a $200 budget I knew I loved design.  My bedroom, as my mom designed it was very progressive... I had wallpaper and a chair rail.  The wallpaper was peach and blue, but the fabric she used was a contrasting burgundy and green tapestry.  A high mix of patterns for back then!

When I wanted to change the colors, design style, and space plan my mom was very open and gave me all decision making power.  I chose beige, black and red... colors that I have stuck with for the rest of my life!  I chose to splatter paint my walls tan, picked out a buffalo tan and white check duvet cover, and accented with a black chair rail, black rod iron furniture and a big red bean bag chair.

A few years later Trading Spaces became a huge hit on TLC.  It was the first show that showcased design in general and also design on a budget.  $1000 and 2 days... I was hooked!

Flash forward 6 years later and I was working as an Interior Designer.  HGTV had become popular and brought home design and DIYing into the main stream.  I worked for clients with large budgets and the only opinion that I had to think about was my clients and my boss.  A few years later, on the quest to start my own business and bring affordable design to everyone I discovered design blogs.  I saw a world of beautiful pictures and inspiring projects and fell in love.  I loved the idea of sharing projects and tutorials to like minded people and also to others that had no idea, but if they had a good tutorial anything seemed possible.

Over the last 2 years of writing this little blog, I have loved sharing my ideas and tutorials and have never really thought twice about making it perfect or what the end picture was going to look like.  I created projects and posted things because I wanted to, not because that is what was current in the blogging/interior design world.  Until today.  As I was decorating for Christmas I suddenly found myself thinking about how is this going to look on my blog, who will pin this idea, does this look modern enough... etc.  And as my mind went crazy with these thoughts I became paralyzed in my decorating!!

I never imaged what I would post on my blog would dictate how I decorated my house!  It was seriously making my head hurt!

There is so much to be said for the blogging community!  I am so fortunate to be a part of this design world and so happy I have made so many great friends!

Blue tape will be replaced with something else... soon!
Lately the pressure of having to write a blog daily has felt a little too much like a job I don't want to go to.  I have a laundry list of projects to complete in my house and one would think that having a daily design blog would be all the motivation in the world.  I have been feeling the opposite.  I have had fabric to make pillows for my new couch for the last 2 months and not a single stitch has been made.  I have cans of spray paint ready to go to transform all of the small things to match my new decor but have not wanted to spray paint!!

Blogging has been a great outlet for me and I believe in all that I post and write.  I think it just hit me today that I need to complete my projects and write daily {or whenever I feel like it} for me.. not for anyone else!  I have great readers and loads of encouragement and support, but in the end if I don't love doing this than there is no point.  

Ok.. enough said.  I love writing this blog and I love sharing my projects, home and ideas with everyone!  I think as most of life, things go in cycles.  Hopefully I am cycling out of my "crazy thinking too much about how it will look on my blog" phase and after posting this can clear my head and get back to design business!

November 27, 2012

Sherwin-Williams Color of The Year 2013

Recently Sherwin-Williams announced their color of the year for 2013 - Aloe.

Is it just me or are they a little behind the trend.  I know I have been lusting after this color for the past year!  I wrote about it here in June.  I am still in love with the color, even if is going to be overdone and everywhere now!  Speaking of everywhere I spotted these dishes at Ikea this weekend:

 And oh... I so want them!  They would look perfect against my backsplash and add the perfect amount of color!  For $14.99 for a set of 12... I think santa might come early!

If you are thinking of adding some mint to your decor here are some of my favorite inspiration photos:


And again... this color has been around forever!
I first fell in love with it when Martha would use her Jadite in her tv show!

As always what goes around comes back around... 
What do you think of the mint revival?

November 26, 2012

Back To The Grind

Oh it is so hard getting back into the swing of things after a week of vacation!  The kids and the hubs were off for the week so I found myself spending less time on the computer.  

In place of the computer I felt like I spent my time shopping!  Did anyone brave the black friday madness?  I did 2 stores and it was crazy... but totally worth it!  A few more stores over the weekend and I pretty much knocked out 80% of my list!

Besides shopping we hung the outside lights and picked up a few more items.  Now that we are in our own house we finally feel like we can decorate exactly as we want!  The kids were so excited to decorate for Christmas inside and out!

I am already making a change in the family room.  I decided I didn't like the tall shelves flanking my desk so I am mimicking the floating shelves from the other side of the tv.  I will have pics to share later in the week!  There is a little sneak peak of my first and only fake tree that I will be putting in the kids playroom.  Their window is the only window in the front of the house, so it will look great and the kids will love having their own tree!

And now the countdown is on for Christmas.  I am hosting dinner this year which means I have a whole lot to get done before the 25th!

I am going to finish up my family room soft treatments {pillows & windows} and change out the fabric on my cane barrel desk chair.
I then will move into the formal dinning room and living room and tackle my table and chairs.  I am going to redo my wing backs... again and for the last time.  Redo my grandmas chairs and paint the table.  Oh the list is long!  But I am getting excited!

Is everyone over turkey?  Surprisingly I am not, and we had 2 thanksgivings!  I love leftovers if only for my favorite sandwich in the whole world.... The Gobble Gobble!

The Gobble Gobble
Leftover Turkey
pile high
2 slices of bread

And it is even better when you make it for breakfast!

Happy Monday!

November 22, 2012


This year I have a lot to be thankful for!

My Amazing Husband

This man is so amazing!  There are not enough words to express how lucky I am to be married to him!

My Boys

My two boys are {despite my constant complaining} two of the most well behaved boys!  They bring so joy into my life, I am thankful everyday they are healthy and happy!

My Girlfriends

I am so blessed to have a great group of ladies that I call my support team!  There is no replacement for a good girlfriend!  Ladies without or days together I would never make it!

My Family
As far as families go {mine and inlaws} I totally hit the jackpot!  My parents recently decided to move back to Cali full time, and now we will be able to share the boys mild stones and more time with them!  I am looking forward to having them in my life daily.

Being a Homeowner

For the last 3 years we have been renters... and finally in October we become homeowners again!
I am so thankful that we were able to find a house and a lot that we love that was able to work into our budget.  I am so excited to get everything decorated and sharing it all with you!

My Readers
Last month was my 2 year blogaversary, and it totally escaped me!  These last 2 years have flow by and I have been so fortunate to have met some amazing people and make some really inspiring friends!

Every day I receive comments and emails and every single one of them puts a smile on my face!
I have the best readers and I am so thankful you all keep on coming back to read my blog every day!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Turkey day with their families!

November 21, 2012

One Item... Rudolph Button Silhouet

I am going to be very honest and say that I am not a good crafter!  
I like to call the things I do "projects" and though they do sometimes involve hot glue... I think they are more building projects. But when I saw Shauna had picked buttons for us to use in our 1 item all I could think about was being a crafter.  
{Not to offend anyone that calls themselves a crafter!}

Last year I made a reindeer silhouette pillow, and I loved how it had a modern feel but still was traditional.  So I this idea came to mind when thinking about buttons.  I wanted to make it feel modern.

I searched online and found a reindeer silhouette that I liked.  I took a snap shot of the screen, enlarged it in PS and printed it out to fit on a 8x10.

I cut out the reindeer and traced it on the sheet of hammered gold scrapbook paper.

Then I started filling in the deer.  I put him in a 8x10 shadow box I picked up on sale at Joanns.  

I just love the way he turned out, and think that I kept my modern style with the traditional buttons!  Are you getting tired of seeing my pine makeover?  I am too!  I am hoping to get my butt in gear and have some other fun places to showcase my "projects."  

Be sure to check out all of the other creative ladies participating in the One Item challenge


November 19, 2012

Mini Thanksgiving Happy Hour + Party Planning Tips

Happy Monday of Turkey week!
J and M have no school this week and the hubs has vacation too, so I am feeling thankful to have the time together as a fam!  I am also feeling a little like partying, so last Friday I kicked of the vaca week by hosting a little happy hour.  My friends and I like to throw happy hours as a way to just have a casual hangout night where the kids run crazy and the adults chat and catch up.

For happy hour we typically try to keep it simple with finger foods so I decided to take this idea and turn it into a mini thanksgiving finger food feast!

{ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 }
Planning Tip #1
Make as much food in advance as possible!
This whole menu was made the day before.  I started with a prep list for both days; 
the day before and the day of.
I made the turkey sliders and baked them off.  On the day of, I cut open the brown and serve rolls and heated the slider and rolls together.  I made the stuffing balls the day before and served them cold with the same cranberry BBQ sauce for the sliders, also made the day before.  I par boiled the taters and wrapped them in the raw bacon.  The day of I just popped them in the oven.  I made a batch of pepper jelly for the holiday season and served that with store bought brie.  I also cut up some veggies and served them with a store bought dip.  
Another tip: Make half of the menu and buy half of the menu pre made!

Planning Tip #2
Set your table early w. Labels

I like to start by layering... linens and placemats.

Then my serving platters.  For me, I like the have symmetry and height, but this will depend on your centerpiece and decorations.  I worked a little backwards because I was not sure what I was going to have for my center piece.

I like to label each tray with what will be on there.  This helps any early arrivers that ask to help know where things should go, and keeps me from forgetting something I might have prepped the day before but forgot to put out!

I always love to have some fresh flowers or green on the table.  Finish with plates and napkins.

Planning Tip #3
Label your table

Whenever possible I like to tell my guests what I am serving.  Most of the time it is explanatory, but sometimes you might have a vegetarian or a guest with an allergy so a label could be helpful!  Plus it just looks cool!  I used the placemats I sprayed with chalkboard paint from last thanksgivings day table.

Planning Tip #4
Clean before you go to bed

It may not sound like fun, but when you wake up with a slight hangover you will be happy to have all of the wine out of the glasses and your left overs put away.  If you can manage throw everything into the dishwasher for a wash.  I will admit that I don't do party clean up {the hubs takes care of all of that} but it is nice to wake up to a clean kitchen!

Happy Holiday Entertaining!
What are your best tips for easy Party Planning?