October 31, 2012

5 Favorites Of Fall... Elegant Nest

Welcome Laura from Elegant Nest

Hello Living Savvy friends. My name is Laura of the blog Elegant Nest. I was excited to be invited by Tiffany to share my favorite things about fall. Though, I must admit that I was a little bit worried to have to narrow it down to just 5, since fall is one of my favorite times of the year!

#1 – Fall Fashion
After wearing sun dresses and sandals all summer, I am happy to pull out my jeans and boots! This year I am loving the look of Oxford shoes for women.


I love the pair I found recently - shown below. They are becoming my favorite shoe for fall. See more of my favorites here

#2 – Falling Leaves
Besides all of the beautiful colors the trees are now turning, I love the way the leaves fall and float in the cool autumn breeze…

via The Mustard Ceiling

(Written in an Australian Spring!)

How beautifully leaves grow old,
Changing from green to red and gold!
Look up into an Autumn tree
And then, for sure, you are bound to see,
The sunshine gleaming through each leaf,
More golden because the time is brief.
Then, one by one, leaves start to crisp;
The rustling makes a papery lisp.
One falls, and drifts, blown by the breeze,
To join all the others beneath the trees.
They settle with a soft and gentle sigh
Lying so low, where they once were high.
They become new soil for the life next year,
When the new fresh buds will soon appear.

#3 – Getting cozy by the Fire


We love having real fires in our fireplace. Ginger loves them too! However, just a couple of weeks ago…and about 30 seconds after I took this somewhat fuzzy i-phone picture, we experienced a chimney fire! A very SCARY few moments until the Fire Dept. arrived. You can read more about this romantic evening here. So, as a friendly reminder this season, be sure to clean and inspect your wood burning chimneys regularly!

#4 – Football Season!
We are avid San Francisco 49er fans, and have had season tickets for 20+ years! It is such a fun and exciting day to head over to a game early, and tailgate in the parking lot with all of the other fanatics!


Which leads me right to the final fall favorite...
#5 – quality time spent with Family and Friends!

Thanks for having me today Tiffany! Happy Fall to you and yours!

Thank you so much for guest posting!  I seriously NEED those shoes!  Love!

I hope everyone has a great halloween and is safe with all the crazy excited kids!
And yes it is OK to eat your kids candy when they go to bed!

October 30, 2012

5 Favorites of Fall... Life On Mars

Please welcome Maury from Life on Mars

1. Soup
I LOVE soup in the fall. I make my Slow-Cooker Potato Soup, Chicken Corn Chili, Taco Soup or Pasta e Fagioli at least once a week. I’ve only posted the recipe for the Potato Soup, but I definitely need to do the rest! They are amazing.

2. Fires and candles

I don’t really burn candles very much in the spring in summer. Something about fire says fall and winter to me. I’ve just discovered Wood Wick Candles:


The wooden wicks crackle just like a fire, so on nights that you or the hubs don’t feel like the hassle of a real fire, this is a great substitute. Plus the smells are great. They fill the house and I can even smell it well after we blow the candle out.

3. Changing Leaves

There is something about the leaves changing that warms my heart. We’re in the Georgia mountains this week and it’s supposed to be peak for the leaves, I’m so excited about it!

4. Cardigans

I’m obsessed, especially preggers. I can still fit into a lot of my “boyfriend” style cardigans and plan to take advantage. The above cardigans are all available at Target.com (I’m also more than a little thrifty Smile)

5. Thanksgiving
Source: bhg.com

I’ll let you in on a little secret: I like Thanksgiving more than Christmas. There’s none of the stress of figuring out presents, but all the fun of spending time with family, decorating and eating lots of DELICIOUS food. Granted, Christmas has to get a one up because it marks the birth of my Savior, so there’s something to be said for that, but I love Thanksgiving. Here are two recipes that were big hits last year:

Creamy Fried Corn… seriously… CREAMY. FRIED. CORN. Heaven.

(even people who don’t like pumpkin raved over this recipe!)

Hope you all have a very wonderful Fall season! and Happy Halloween tomorrow! Maybe that should have been in my top 5 but it's just not. :-)

Oh those recipes look so good!  Thank you so much, Mars, for sharing your faves!

October 29, 2012

Decisions Decisions... help me make one

I had my sofa delivered this weekend... 
and I love it and hate it!

I love the style of the couch!  I hate that it needs to be broken in!  For the last 2 sofas we have had they have been cushy and/or deep so it was very easy to sit improperly and be loungy on them.  But this one is our first "proper" adult sofa.  It is not very deep, or very cushy, but we are hoping over time it will get broken in and loosen up a little bit.

And since we have always had a deep sofa, I have been able to pile the pillows on and still be comfortable sitting on the sofa.  But I will be rethinking the amount of pillows on this sofa because you have to take them off to sit down.  Which brings me to narrowing down my fabric selection.

I have always planned on changing out the beige lattice pattern pillow with new covers in the blue and grey buffalo check; one on each side. 

 Then I planned on keep the Betwixt orange in the center with one dragon on one side and the grey velvet burn out on the other side.

But now I am thinking the sofa can really only handle one pillow on each side, maybe two on one side?  I was going to back the velvet burnout with the solid navy, but now thinking it should be its own pillow?

 And I planned on using the chevron on my two leather chairs...

Covering the brown pillows and adding the other dragon on one chair.

So what fabric would you use where?  Need another peek at the rest of the space?

I finally was able to clean off the butcher block countertop of all the constant parade of tools!  I used 3 over the door mirrors {of 2 I already had} to create a large focal point and mimic the stripes in the rest of the room.  

I painted out a lamp that was blue a bright poppy orange... and I love it!

I also finished spraying the ikea shelves this weekend... but I have yet to fully style them.

I also threw some things up on the floating shelves, but this is not even close to done.  I am headed to the goodwill today to hunt down some fun colored hardback books.  I would like to find some vintage Readers Digest books... fingers crossed.  And I have a few DIY's planned for display items.

Alrighty... now that you had a quick tour, what fabric would you pick and what arrangement would you do?

October 26, 2012

Friday Finds: My House

Oh Happy Friday!

I have every box unpacked in my house and everything put in a place.  I will admit everything is not exactly where I want it to be, but it is going to take some time to install some closet organizers and a few other shelves in some closets to really feel organized! 

Tomorrow I am so excited because my new sofa will be delivered!  So this has really made me want to finish up my family room.  That required a trip to the big blue box... for these

and these....

Since I have no fireplace there is really no place to hang stockings or display too many things.  I originally wanted make some floating shelves, but in the end buying the lack ones from Ikea was way more cost/time effective!  They only have two sizes so we trimmed the longest one down about 12" to create a custom size.  Since they are butted up against the wall you can't even tell!

Around my desk I needed some sort of storage for bills, files, and all of the paperwork J gets sent home from school.  I am sure everyone has seen these shelves hacked and sprayed gold.  I plan on doing the same... I think this corner needs to be lightened up.  Figuratively {I need to find a skinny light to go on the desk} and visually.  

My trip had my best helper pushing the flat cart as I pushed the regular cart.  Then it took some creative loading to get it all home with the kids in their carseats!

While there I also picked me up a few fiddle fig trees for... wait for it... $12.99!!!  Seriously!  They are on the small side, but I can wait for them to grow!  I feel like I saved $100 each!!

Ever since I saw the cover of the Ikea catalog I have been drooling over the retro wingback!  Well they remade it and now you can get it in two different colors!  I am totally lusting over this blue fabric!  I need two for my family room to replace the leather club chairs!  So... Santa are you reading this?

 Since we bought a new sofa for our family room, I moved my large white sofa to the formal living room and have been using the sofa that used to be in the playroom until it arrived.  The sofa from our playroom was first purchase the hubs {then boyfriend} and I made together... almost 10 years ago!  We will have to sell it since it won't fit through the door of the playroom with a funny angle to get past the closet.  It sort of makes me sad.. the couch is so damn comfortable!

So instead I decided to order a futon for the playroom.  I thought this would be a good idea for when I had all the girls and their kids over into the evening; they could open it up and lay down.  I found one online from Walmart... loved the style and the price, but when I opened it up

I realized the size was a little miniature.  Besides it being very small, it is like sitting on a wood plank!  Now I know this is a room for my little boys to play rough house and be crazy, so this might be perfect... but every time I walk into the room I hate it!  

What should I do?  
Return it and find a sofa that will fit through the door?
Get over it and live with it for a few years... it is perfect for a kids play room?

I am totally torn so I need your opinions!

Have a great weekend!

October 25, 2012

5 Favorites of Fall... Satori Design For Living

Please welcome Shauna from Satori Design for Living!

Satori Design for Living

Hello Savvy readers! I'm Shauna from Satori Design for Living. When Tiffany asked me to share my favorites of fall, the first thing that came to mind being Canadian definitely wasn't the colder weather! However, with every downside, there's usually a positive, and this season definitely doesn't disappoint. Top of my list definitely has to be nature. This time of year, we have the most beautiful landscapes and there's something lovely about the falling leaves and the warm glow of autumn sunsets.


  Comfort food, like simmering soup or slow cooker chili, means that everyone is gathered around the kitchen table. I love trying new recipes this time of year, especially ones that incorporate vegetables harvested from the garden. It's also the time of year I like to cook big meals for family and friends.

  Coconut Curry Chicken Soup   

Enjoying a cup of coffee or a glass of wine by the warmth and ambiance of the fireplace. (No, this isn't my living room, but a girl can dream!)  


  Pumpkin anything. I especially love pumpkin spice lattes (half-sweet, light whip), pumpkin seeds, pumpkin loaf, pumpkin whoopie pies or pumpkin soup. A close second would be squash.
  Sweaters, boots and accessories. Out of all the seasons, fall is my favorite time to play with my wardrobe. I love dressing in layers and experimenting with different colors and textures.
{Sources: scarf, sweater, earrings, boots}
Thanks so much for having me, Tiffany! It looks like your house is really shaping up and I can't wait to see more progress pictures. Sending you nothing but the best housewarming wishes!

Oh a bowl of soup next to the fire sounds so relaxing right now!  
Thank Shauna for sharing... as soon as I am unpacked I will be indulging!