September 28, 2012

Friday Finds: Boots

Happy Friday y'all!  

Well we are into fall, but once again I will be pool side enjoying 98 degree weather!  I know I shouldn't be complaining, but seriously?!?! 98?!?!  Couldn't it just drop a little to mid 70's so I can rock the new boots I just ordered and a tank?

 I am so excited to get them... now, again, if only I can wear them!  I hope they look as good as they do online.   They remind me of a pair of super expensive boots by {brand name}, but I found these at the favorite place to find this seasons in style knockoffs {tar-get}.

I debated these for a while.  Again, they look like knockoffs from another {brand name}.  



These!  I am in love with these!  Oh the choices... seriously I could find justification to have all three, but we are buying a house this month so maybe I should put the extra $ toward my kitchen, family room, or concrete???  Oh the adult decisions to be made...

Are you in boots yet?  What is your favorite style?

Have a great weekend!!

September 27, 2012

Navy and Orange

As you can tell in the last couple days I am stuck on locking down the fabric selections for my new family room and eat in kitchen area.  I am so focused on this I am having a hard time thinking of other things to post about even though I have a very long list I try to reference when I am stuck with writes block!! But nothing was inspiring today so I found myself borrowings in pinterest for design inspiration using navy and orange.  I love these two colors together!  And I think they are the perfect colors to pull out of the Chaig Mia Dragon fabric that I am using for my inspiration colors.  

As you have seen in the last few days I have been sticking with beige, taupe, and grey... but navy and orange are going to be my go to for pops of color in this room.
{sorry for the lame sourcing info from Pinterest... I was browsing so much I didnt have time to pull from the original soucre!!} 

September 26, 2012

Quick Chair Makeover

While I was working on my pine buffet transformation, I couldn't help myself from seeing how the fabric I just found would look on the chairs I bought from CL awhile back.

Here is the before...

 The seats were very scratched up, but for the price, size, and style I couldn't walk away!  I knew I wanted to add some fabric to the set anyway.  

I will do a tutorial very soon, I was only able to get one chair done while I was killing some time waiting for some paint to dry on my buffet.  I am so happy they look like they were suppose to have cushioned seats all along!  And I am really digging the modern fabric with the more traditional styled chair... a perfect mix of eclectic modern!

And yes... I am still working on the buffet!  Hopefully that will be done soon!

September 25, 2012

Family Room Fabric Scheme... Again!

So yes... I changed it.  Again!  
But this time I have purchased fabric so I am pretty much locked in... pretty much!  HA!

I have been shopping online fabric sources, but nothing really seemed to be jumping out to me.  So I took to my favorite local fabric places... and as always, I scored!

It makes such a difference when you can see the fabric in person!

 This fabric I will make into cornice boards that will go over my family room window and my slider.  The solid top fabric will be drapes on my slider.  I did order the solid online for a steal... and I was super lucky to find something that matched perfectly for only $6 a yard!!

These fabrics will be the jumping off point for my pillows in the family room.  The top tweed it my actual sofa fabric, and of course I still have my Chaig Mai Fabric!  The grey coral looking is a velvet burnout that I just love, and the navy is a heavy textured solid.

I plan on added these fabrics as well.. 

The last fabric I found was 28" x 28" fabric samples of a Dwell Studio fabric.  And I paid... 
wait for it....  

$3 for two of them!  
And lucky me there was 10 of them!  I only need 5, but now I have 5 for back up. I do live with a 5 and 3 year old!

I am going to cover the chairs {of the chairs and table set} that I just bought on CL with the Dwell and add my parsons chairs at the head of the table.  I am thinking the Ikat on the back and the cream {an outdoor fabric} on the front.  I would also like to pull some blue into the mix so I an thinking this blue dotted rug under the table.  I think it will do wonders to hide all of the small crumbs and the dog hair in between vacuuming.  I would love to bring in some more tangerine so maybe this set might change... HA!  Or maybe not.. I am really loving this combo?!?!?

September 24, 2012

My Fall House Revisited

Happy Monday!  Was your weekend good?  
Mine was all about hanging with friends and enjoying the end of summer {because it is still 90}... even though it was the first official days of fall.

I am beginning to miss the seasonal decorating... I know that it is just for a short time.  Christmas decorations will be up in my new house in no time, but until then I am going to re-share my fall porch from last year.  We visit a local pumpkin farm every year with the kids and take a hay ride out to the field to actually pick the pumpkins.  And my incredible husband will hike all over it to find the most perfect pumpkins for me!  

I am still loving the white pumpkins with the blue grey vaining! 

I have a few spots open still!  If you would like to share your 5 favorites of fall in a guest post send me an email and I will add you to my schedule!

September 22, 2012

Welcome Fall

Today is the first day of fall!  I love living in California, but sometimes I wished we were able to enjoy all of the 4 seasons.  Nor Cal goes from 90 degrees through halloween to mid 70 for a week and then 50 and rain... hello winter!  It was so hot one year that I was able to have Thanksgiving dinner outside!
I will be enjoying the first day of fall pool side... so there really isn't that much to complain about!

But regardless there are so many things that say fall with out having seeing the leaves change color.  If you missed my invitation to guest post on Living Savvy earlier this week here it is...

What are you 5 favorites of fall?
Email me if you would like to share your favorites!

Have a great weekend!  Enjoy the start of fall... 

September 20, 2012

Currently Working On...

Way back when my mom was searching CL 4 times a day for her house she came across a piece of furniture that she knew I needed.  In my new house I do not have a lot of storage {in comparison to my old rental that had a whole lot of it!!}  So I was on the hunt for furniture pieces that could store all of my glass vases and decor items.  

This is what she found...

The size of it is just perfect.. the style of it, not so much!  In fact the hubs hates this piece of furniture!  When I told him that I could make it look less Santa Fe and more modern he totally looked at me like I was crazy!  
"Challenge accepted!!"

When I am done with this thing you will never have know it was a knotty old pine buffet cabinet.

I am not typically a fan prep work... but in this case I have to do it!

A little wood filler...

Ok... ALOT of wood filler!!

A good sanding with 60 grit...

And a little child labor to roll on the primer!

One more sanding with 120 or 220 after the primer and then I am going to attack it with this

{ASCP in French Linen}

So what do you think?  Can I do it?
The hubs says he will reserve option until I am done...

To be continued......

September 19, 2012

How To... DIY Fabric Art

Over the weekend one of my friends/client {whom I workout with every day} was bouncing ideas for a piece of focal point art over her new sectional off of me.  She has great taste, and has many great ideas, but that is just her problem.  There are TOO many ideas and she has a hard time narrowing them down.  So here is where I come in... I am her sounding board and say yes or no and why.  

She wanted to use what she had, and move some thing around to make it fresh.  That is my favorite type of decorating... shopping your own house!  Here is what we came up with..

She had a large framed canvas that was sort of outdate for her house.  We had ideas of painting it out one color or painting some sort of design on it, but we ultimately decided to cover it in fabric.

A totally fine piece of art, but just not in this house!

First remove the hardware, paper backing, and staples that are holding the canvas in.

 Wrap fabric around canvas and staple.  Start from the middle and work your way to the corners.  Staple all four sides, but not the corners.

My favorite way to fold the corners is super simple:
1. pull the fabric to a point away from the canvas
2. pull fabric down tight at the corner, staple
3. fold one side over, staple
4. fold other side over, staple.
5. admire perfect corner

Attach the fabric canvas and frame together with staples.

Reattach hanging hardware, we switched the direction it was hanging.

To complete the look we added a few open back frames she had picked up a few months ago, but yet to have a purpose for them.  The horseshoe is her great grandfathers, and really works perfect in the frame.  We are on the hunt for something circular for the brown frame.  The fabric really has interest and has so many colors to pull from for the rest of the room.  Totally in love with it... and so is my friend!