August 31, 2012

Happy Holiday Weekend

Happy Holiday Weekend!  
I have been so MIA from my computer!  Oh how I have been missing my daily reads!  But I am very happy to say that my rental is no longer and hopefully we will be in our new house in the next couple of months.  I had never expected to take this much time off from my blog!  Wow it seems like forever!  I was gone mostly because of the move, but while moving we have been dealing with a fairly large "hiccup" {we will call it} that could have kept us from being able to buy the house.  But hopefully that is over and we are good to go.  Maybe one day I will share it, but for now I am just going to be excited we are back on track!

So this weekend I am going to enjoy a stress free, move free, and box free time!  Here is a fun fact poster I found about Labor Day

I will be posting like normal come Tuesday!  

I just want to say and huge thank you to all of my readers and blogger friends who have been so supportive!  I am so looking forward to sharing this next phase in my life with all of you!  

Have a great weekend!

August 27, 2012

Still Moving and a Guest Post

Oh Happy Monday!  

We are on the very tail end of moving.. I am currently typing this post on the only piece of furniture still left in my house!  Once I move my desk and computer to my mom's I will back up and posting like normal!  But I can send you over to my good blogger friend Elizabeth's blog

to read my guest post!  She is taking a vaca on the beach {so wish I was there!!} and she asked a great line up of bloggers to fill in for her while she is gone.  Check out the different design personalities my house took on while I lived in it for the last 3 years.  

Have a great week!  

August 23, 2012

Savvy Fall Must Haves

While I was packing my closet I have started to put some outfits together in my head for fall.  It is still mid 90's here in Nor Cal, but it is hard to not to think about it when all you see in the stores are fall/cold weather clothes.  I certainly have my eye on few key pieces for fall.

Here is what is on my list!

Fall Must Haves 1

Forever New collarless shirt, $52 / Slim jeans / Athletic shoes / NV London Calcutta leather handbag, $215 / BCBG Max Azria magnetic jewelry

Fall Must Haves 3 & 4

A|Wear beige shirt, $47 / A|Wear dark wash jeans, $47 / Miss Selfridge high heel / Steve Madden studded handbag / Miss Selfridge chain jewelry

These are only a few... I seriously could put together outfits all day long 
{just like putting a room together}!
I will share more Savvy Fall Must haves next week!
Now back to packing =/ 

August 21, 2012

How To... Homemade Make Up Wipes

** Updated 7.25.13**
Both of these make up wipes call for 2-5 drops of essential oil.  I must clarify that it is specific to Tea Tree essential oil.  This will prevent mold from occurring in your container.  This is the type I used and I have had no problems.  I have made these wipes several times over and I have never had any mold issues.  Good luck!

I am always looking to save a buck so when I stumbled onto these tutorials {here & here} on Pinterest I was totally willing to give it a try!

After a week of using both of them I will never buy brand name again!

Homemade Face Wipes

Add all ingredients to a measuring cup.  Mix with a fork.

Cut a roll of SELECT A SIZE paper towels in half.  

Stuff the roll into your selected container.  I chose a tall 7.5 quart container.  The roll I happen to have was a little wide {I think a double roll or something like that}.  If you don't think it is going to fit just keep on pushing it in!

Once you have stuffed it in pour the mixture over the top and on the sides.  I pulled away the towel from the sides to moisten the sides.  

Remove the center tube.  Let sit for 5 minutes to fully absorb.

Homemade Eye Makeup Remover Pads

I filled the jar up that I planned to store the pads in 3/4 full of water.  Then I adde the ingredients.

Give it a quick shake....

Transfer mixture to a different container.  Pour a little bit into the bottom and place 1/4 of the pads in.  Then pour some more remover then add some more pads.  Do this till the pads fill the container and they are mostly wet.  You may have a little bit of remover left over.

The eye make up remover was super easy to make.  The tutorial I read did not soak the pads in the remover, but I really like the idea of just opening a jar and it being ready to use.  


It was really hard to get a picture in my horribly lit bathroom!!  And to be honest I really don't wear that much eye make up on a daily basis...

What I did have on for the day was totally removed!  And my face felt so amazing!
And *bonus* the texture on the paper towels sort of mimics the exfoliation wipes!

After many failing attempts to take self pics in the mirror the hubs finally took the camera out of my hands and snapped this pic.  He was laughing his *ss off at me!!  How do people do that and look so cool??!!??

So would you make your own make up remover?  I am totally hooked!

August 20, 2012

Moving Week | Sofa Decision

Happy Monday!  
Or for me 4 days till the moving truck gets rented and I have to have everything packed!

This weekend was spent hanging out with family for Mason's Birthday party... We kept it simple this year due to the fact that we are moving and I have nothing in my house to really sit on or serve food on!!

It was hot, but the kids as a great time!  Party success!

We also made our minds up between the two different sofas!  
Drumroll please.......

Dunham 94" Sofa in Gravel from West Elm!  No plans to order it just yet {I know, I know... bummer} but there will be soon... hopefully!  I have to say it was the fastest decision on furniture the hubs and I have ever made!  But it is perfect!!

Now all I want to do is pull together my family room design!  But I promised the hubs I will work on that when we are in my Mom's house for 2-3 months and all packing and cleaning is done here!  Oh I so can't wait!

So with at being said, it will probably be a light week of posting.  Not only is it packing week J starts Kindergarden tomorrow!!   Very exciting time in this rental!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!  Enjoy your Monday!

August 17, 2012

Friday Finds... Couches and Guest Post

Happy Friday!  

Thank you for all of the encouragement with the house and the kind comments over the couple of weeks!  I really appreciate all of you sticking with me through my DIY slump and constant chatter about my new house!  It really makes me want to take time out of my day to sit down and write this blog!  Ok... enough sappy stuff and moving onto more house stuff!  HA!

Hopefully soon I will have a family room and a living room to furnish {pending the sell of the piano}, but we only have one couch!  So the hubs and I have talked about putting our current couch in the new living room and purchasing a different couch for the family room.  Our current couch is 3 years old from Z Gallerie and though we love the style of it, we hate how hot it is {microfiber}!  And thought microfiber should be easy to clean, white is not so much!  So we think this couch would be more suited for our living room. 

We have done very little couch shopping, but here are two we are debating over right now

This is the Lounge 93" sofa from Crate N Barrel.  It is SUPER deep and really is named lounge for that reason.  It is VERY comfortable and for a man who is 6'4" he needs a deep couch.  But I feel like if I ever wanted to sit proper on the couch and not lounge, I would need to stack 5 pillows in my back for my feet to touch the ground!!

This is the Dunham sofa from West Elm.  It comes in two different sizes so the hubs could still lay down on it with out his feet hanging off the sides.  It is almost 6" shallower then the Lounge, so proper sitting would be a lot easier.  I love the single cushion on the seat and the raised legs!!

What do you think?  What one would you pick?

Now hop on over to Shauna's blog {POST HERE} to see my three favorite paint colors for a house!

Satori Design for Living

Today Emily A. Clark and Sherry from Young House Love are also sharing!!

Have a good weekend!

August 16, 2012

The Best Laid Plans

Oh my!
 Today I had planned to share a tutorial for making your own makeup remover cloths and eye makeup remover pads {you will love them!}.  But yesterday I spent very little time at the computer because we packed 3/4 of our stuff into one of our storage units!  I promise I will share this tutorial soon, along with some other amazing homemade cleaning items soon!!!
I am so exciting but so tired all at the same time!!!  We rented 2 10'x20' storage units and to my surprise we have only filled one up and that is most of our stuff!  We will be moving the everyday items and appliances next week.  And we will have plenty of room!!! YAY!

So since I have nothing interesting for you to read today I am going to send you over to my fantastic blogger friend Shauna's blog Satori Design for Living.  

Satori Design for Living

Today and tomorrow she has posed the question: what is your favorite paint colors of all time to a few different designers.  I am excited to see all of the color options other designers love since I will be selecting accent paint colors for my house soon.  Stop by to see my selections Friday with Sherry from
Young House Love!

Happy reading while I take a nap!

August 15, 2012

3rd Birthday Celebration

It is official!  I now have school aged children!!  Yesterday M turned 3 years old.  He will be starting pre-school this year, he is potty trained {well 98.999%}, and he is picking out his own clothes!  
On Saturday we will have a party for his friends at his favorite restaurant {yes he has one at 3, and no it is not McDonalds!}, but for his day we gave his a little celebration!

His morning started off with a trip to the donut shop for chocolate covered sprinkles.  He was of course wearing his new running shoes that he picked out from Grandma and Grandpa.  I am telling you this kid is going to have style... what 3 year old picks out neon blue and green nikes?  Later we went to Nana and Papas {my parents} to open his gifts from J and them.  J picked out Power Rangers Samurai toys and he couldn't be more excited until he open his next gift.  He very first set of golf clubs and his own bag.  My parents live in a 55+ golf course community and all summer my dad has been taking them to hit balls and put.  They are both getting very good... so his practice was rewarded with his first set, driver and all!  He loves that he can put his bag on his back like a backpack!
After M's choice birthday dinner of Papa's Noodles {Top Ramen served like simian with all the fixings},   candles and cake rounded out the evening!

Happy Birthday! 

August 14, 2012

Client Project... Office Design

How many of us have a small space that becomes the "drop it there," "put it in the office," "I will file it later" spot?  My client {we just finished her master bedroom} has such a room and was desperately ready to have it organized and looking respectful!  


Sorry no after pics just yet... 
For now we are keeping the color, so the finishes had to compliment that.  My client wanted not to spend a whole lot of money in this space, but still make it functional and presentable since it is right off of the kitchen.  I personally believe that this is the best place use Ikea furniture!  I know we have all tried to make our break from it {my client included} but sometimes it comes in handy.  She needed a whole lot of storage for books, and a place to keep all of the loose magazine ripping for future recipes and ideas.  She also wanted a place to charge all of her computers and a landing spot for mail and things to be sorted.  It is a small place with a lot of faces!

Here are the 3 space plans and coordinating design option I came up with...

She has selected a design plan and a space plan, and most of the items have been purchased.  Here is a small peak..

sorry for the bad iPhone pic... 

What design would you pick?