July 31, 2012

How To... Homemade Soy Candles

As favors for the shower I just recently threw, I wanted to make something homemade for the guest to take home.  I thought candles would be a nice gift that would get used!  It is super simple!

If you want to add fragrance, drip the oil into the melted wax just before pouring... We choose ocean breeze!

Honestly this was so super easy I almost done want to ever buy another candle!

July 30, 2012

House Update

Oh how come the weekend just seems to fly by and I feel like nothing has gotten done!  I have no reason to live by a Monday thru Friday sort of schedule... I work from home and the hubs is home 3-4 days a week.  But for some reason I look at what I have not done on Sunday and tell myself next week!

I will say that the hubs did put things into boxes last week... and the packing has begun!  I hope I can keep his momentum!  Less than 30 days till we have to be out of here!

The new house is coming along so quickly!  It has not quite hit me that we will have a finished house and it will just be sitting there... all I can focus on is saving the $ while we can!  We added a few extra things that were not offered as upgrades.. and the hubs has just gone and done the work himself on the weekends {with the project managers approval}.  We insulated the garage since it is west facing and I spend so much time in there doing projects.  We also insulated the wall between the master bedroom and the family room.  That will be the TV wall in the family room and it will back up to our headboard.  We also ran extra electrical to have 3 carriage lights on all sides of the garage.  One is standard and it just seems off to me.

Inside we have drywall!  It is really feeling like a house now!  This is the view from the front entry way.  I am so excited to have an entry way!  

Formal living and dining spaces.  I know that people say they are wasted space, but I actually use mine!  I love the it is one big room!

Great room and kitchen.  Love the light in here!  We should be called to select our granite slab soon! 
Did you all have a good weekend? 

July 27, 2012

Friday Finds: Your Color Style

Living the last 3 years in a rental with contractor white walls has made me crave color!  And coming from a home where all the color was on the walls and none in the furnishings... gave me quite a bland space.  So, as this blog has well documented, I have totally changed up my fabrics and furnishings to add more color into my space.  

But now I am over it!

I want my neutral back... but this time I think I can have it all!  Now I am not scared of color or mixing patterns!  I think I can go back to my neutrals but still have color in the important statements!  I have been searching out color schemes for the new house and though I want neutral with color I still am not sure in what direction I am headed.  So when I stumbled on this color quiz I thought ... Perfect!

It turns out I am a Earthy Modern.  

This is described as:
You keep up with culture, style, and trends, but have an appreciation for timeless forms and simple lines. You value good design, quality craftsmanship, and prefer the streamlined to the overly embellished or cluttered. You also appreciate the warmth and individuality of natural materials and handcrafted things and are inspired by colors and forms from nature. This contrast is what makes your home intriguing and comfortable. You love mixing up different textures and are sensitive to the tactile qualities of objects. Your style is grounded and solid, not flighty or frilly.
You value creativity. You are stylish and fun loving, and can be an inspiration to others. You have a natural sense of drama, and you know you have to be willing to take risks—whether with colors, finishes, furniture choices, or ideas—for your home to stand out. Your home can be happy and lively and the place all of your friends want to be.

Now seriously!  How more right on could that be?  I knew this... but seeing it in writing totally makes me more confidant in my design style!

Take the quiz {HERE}

Here are some other things I have pinned about color.

Oh... so many options!

Happy Friday!

July 26, 2012

Savvy Parties... Baby Shower

As I mentioned before I took a few days off, I threw a baby shower for one of my dearest friends this last weekend!  She is expecting her first baby, a boy Hudson Lee at the end of August.  I could not be more excited for her!

When I was thinking of what sort of theme for the shower I kept landing on this baby blanket she picked up at Pottery Barn kids:

So I went with a navy and white striped theme with little pops of green...

There are the invitations I found on Etsy:

And the party turned into this...

I wanted to keep the decor more stylish than baby.  And after spending 5 seconds looking at her Pinterest page... I knew what direction I was going.  We {I had lots of help from 3 other fabulous friends} kept the food simple with small bites and snacks:

Potato wrapped in bacon w. Loaded potato dip
Greek yogurt and avocado dip w. pita chips
Veggie cups w. peppercorn ranch
Strawberry and Pineapple skewers w. vanilla bean sour cream dip
Meatballs w. pineapple glaze and pineapples
Caprese  salad on a stick
Tortellini cups w. arugula and pistachio pesto

For dessert we whipped up blue cotton candy {with togo bags} and purchased mini bunt cakes from a local bakery and served them in mini mason jars to eat there or take home.

Mason jars were also used to serve white citrus sangria and cucumber water.

If there was any theme it might have been mason jars... so very the mom to be!  I used them for centerpieces, adding a bit of green color with limes at the bottom of the jars.  We also made homemade soy candles in the crystal cut version as thank you favors {a tutorial to come soon!}.

I am so not a big shower game person!  And quite honestly, I don't think I have ever met a person that loved shower games... so instead I chose an activity for the party.  Even though the blanket I based this whole shower off of was going in the nursery... it was not the whole theme of the nursery.  The parents are young and funky so they wanted a mix of pattern, new, and vintage.  So I suggested doing the alphabet in different shapes and colors for the wall.  {sort of like Sarah Richardson did in one of her shows...}.  So I picked up craft wood letters at Hob Lob in different styles and sizes.  Then I picked 5 different colors of blue, green, and white spray paint and gave them a base color.  At the shower I laid out all the letters, brushes, and acrylic paint and let the guest go to town decorating them.  At first I wanted to do this outside... but in 100 degrees we quickly moved it indoors!  The guests loved it, once they let their artist came out!

Here is the beautiful mom to be!  I am so excited for them!
We all know that baby Hudson is going to be amazing!

July 25, 2012

One Room Challenge Part Two... Week 5

Almost done!  Actually... to be quite honest, the room is really almost done.  There are just a few finishing touches that need to be made, but I am so happy to say... almost done!  This week I will reveal some of the decor items we have selected and reselected.  

Originally my mom wanted two low lights to not block the light from the window.  She found her first set at Homegoods, and we both liked them.  

They have a fun modern twist to them and we both thought it was a good mix with the traditional bedding and rug.  But then we were shopping at our favorite thrift store and came across these lamps...

I love the way the lamp mimics the vase in the floral!  They have a great classic feel that I think the room needed to stay polished, but still modern.

The bookcase is a good area for displaying decor that my mom has collected but also a good area to set out towels and tolietries for her guests.

Next week is the final reveal!  Please stop by to see the whole room that has fit all of the names my mom needed it to have.... a Boys/Guest Playroom/Bedroom!

Also everyone else is hitting the reveal button next week... but check out the status of their rooms!!

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