March 31, 2012

My Closet Organized

Even thought I really wanted to be done organizing, I steamed ahead and finished up organizing month with the boys closets.  No pics to share because I had to be fast to get it done before their nap time {and they really are not that pretty}  I reinstated Jean's tip for keeping a bin in the closet as a place to keep clothes that they have grown out of.  I have used that before, but have not been keeping up on it!

I wanted to hit up my closet but do my seasonal switch in my closet, but the weather here is not quite ready to let go of my boots and sweaters even though I really want to just wear flip flops.  And my closet is not big enough to hold two seasons.  So these are pictures from my summer to winter change out.

I actually live in tank tops and then just layer a sweater over them in the winter.  I am a big fan of like with like then organized by color, light to dark, left to right.  Seriously I am a little OCD!!  And as you have all seen throughout the month, I like to have everything visible.  I love my hanging cubbies because I can keep all of my wifebeaters tanks and fold sweaters right at eye level.

My dresser has all of my undergarments, workout gear, and lounge clothes.  I also like to have my jewelry in plain site.  I used skinny shampoo bottles I picked up at the dollar store to stack my bracelets on a tray.  My rings go into a candle holder and my earrings hang on the side of a bowl just like Kim from Keller-Creative.  I also picked up a couple of hanging hooks to hold all of my necklaces.

I have always loved keeping my shoes in clear boxes.  I find my at Big Lots for $.99!  They are bulky, but they keep the shoes nice and clean.  In the summer I keep the lids off a few of the and my flip flops get tossed in those.  For the winter I like to keep my boots out and up... but they have gotten taller over the years, so now they have to lay down.  I like to take old thick magazines and stuff them in the boot to keep the leg nice and tall.  

Here are a couple of rules to keeping my closet neat and uncluttered.  
1.  When I switch out my seasons I try one everything.  If it doesn't fit I either throw it out, donate, or sell it.  

2.  If I didn't wear it last season I also do the same as above.  I have a rule if I haven't worn it in a year then I probably won't wear it this year.

3.  I love having all like hangers, it just makes it look more uniform

4.  Make it pretty and personal.  Just like Carmel's tip at the very beginning of the month, I try {as much as I can in a rental} to make it pretty.  I have a picture of me and the hubs from our welcome party before our wedding... just a reminder of a great time and it always makes me smile!

This organizing tip brought to you by A Room with A View.

Tiffany, thank you for inviting me to contribute to this series.

Hi everyone! I am Lisa from A Room with A View.

My organizing tip takes you into what is considered to be the heart of the home - the kitchen.

My plastic food storage containers used to be kept on a cabinet shelf piled any which way possible. Result - chaos. After renovating our kitchen 7 years ago I moved them to a large pullout drawer below the counter top . This is what the drawer used to look like for a few years.

The drawer made the containers more accessible and I was hoping the system would be more organized as I wanted to get everyone to help at mealtimes with putting food away or after washing up. The little kids in the family who visit and like to potter around cabinets have had free access to these to play with (and I sometimes give them a wooden spoon or 2 as well). My kids used to play with these, too.

Like the picture above, this is how the items would look on any given day. No real system; somewhat haphazard. Inevitably, something would fall over the sides and I would lose the occasional lid or it would get stuck or be forgotten about - in the same way that socks go missing except these did not get very far. Also, there was not always enough room for all the containers to fit.

Over two years ago I realized I needed a better system and decided to separate the bases of the containers from their lids and stack them according to shape and size.

I bought this Elfa drawer from The Container Store because I needed a large box-like item and I liked the depth of this. Just one. It was a good size and the key was that it was open.

I reorganized the drawer with an easy system. This is what I have had in place for a couple of years. The containers without the lids.

The lids are stacked vertically in the oversized basket by height and more or less also by color. This makes it easy to see and to locate lids.

This is how this drawer and system has stayed and most importantly worked, for all members of this household and during family get-togethers. No more excuses. A smaller or narrower basket could be used if necessary, depending on the storage space.

This system would work on a shelf as well if using a basket - any basket - that can slide out easily. The containers are stacked neatly and the lids are contained; everything is visible. Efficient use of space and no time wasted searching for a missing lid.

The belongings of this drawer are still available for the littler kids to play with and for me they have made meal times easier, no question. Everyone is happy!

Once again, thank you, Tiffany. I am sure everyone who has visited has taken away at least one new organizing tip. Please do stop by and visit me any time on A Room with a View.

Thanks Lisa!  I love containers that corral!

March 30, 2012

Randomness... Curbly, Guest Post, Feature, Linky

Happy Happy Friday!

Can anyone believe March is almost over, Easter is a week away, and summer is around the corner?  
Well... here in Nor Cal it doesn't look much like spring, but I am excited with the thought of warm weather and pool days!

A few items of note for the week!

I was asked by Curbly {if you are not familiar with this site they have a collaboration of amazing DIY projects, tips, and inspiration} to do a round up of my favorite organizing tips from this series.  It is also Organize month there so hop over and check out MY POST and the other tips they have to offer.

Kelly from refresheddesigns. asked me to share a tutorial for her readers about repurposing.  After cleaning out my decor cabinet I realized I had way too many glass bud vases that I would never use so I created some fun colored vases.  See the full tutorial HERE.

Suzy from Worthing Court so nicely sent me an email asking if she could feature my color block vases on her blog.  She found them from Pinterest.  Check out her post HERE.  Does anyone else get sort of weirded out when you see your stuff on Pinterest?  Do you know how to check if you have been pinned?

Just another way for all of us bloggers to see who is following us... as if we need more ways to be followed!

Speaking of following...

All this week I have been having problems with my Google Friends Connect widget.  It has been saying I have no followers!  I have a blogger platform, but I still have fear that this tool will be leaving us soon!  I have installed Linky Followers also.  I like this platform, and I think this is the direction most blogs will be headed.  Please follow me there also... just as a back up if GFC ever does leave!

WOW! This week was a little crazy!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

This organizing tip brought to you by Primitive and Proper.

Hello Living Savvy friends!  I am so excited to be here today as a guest for the fabulously talented Tiffany.  I am still swooning over her master bedroom!  I am Cassie from Primitive and Proper, where  I blog about my own home, furniture makeovers, and a little dash of everything else.  When Tiffany asked me to help out with an organizing tip, I was shocked... I must come across as more organized than I really am! ;)  I searched my home for signs of organization.  I looked in the garage... nope definitely not!  I looked under the beds, in the cabinets, in the closets (and then slammed the doors before everything came crashing down on me!), in the attic!  I looked high and low, and was coming up empty.  What did I know about organizing that I could possibly share with the blog world.  And then a lightbulb went on, and I knew!

I recently finished my daughter Emmy's woodland fairytale room.  Here are a couple pictures of it...

I can honestly tell you that it takes Emmy less than 5 minutes to pick up her room.  And the girl is messy!  She plays with everything and takes out lots of toys, books, babies, jewelry.... She plays with all of it!  So why is it such a quick pick up for her?  There are two simple reasons.



Let me share with you the storage solutions we have used in her room.
Here you can see her dresser.  To the left of the dresser she has her "baby area" with a cradle for babies, and an open bin for extra babies and all baby items.  To the right she has another open bin which hosues her stuffed animals.

Here you can see the baby area...

 And all the stuffed animals live happily and cozily in this open bin...

In her closet, we have an outfacing bookcase where she can easily put all of her books away as they are within her reach.

Of course, having the books in the closet, means we need shoe storage!  We have two rolling bins with handles which make them easy to pull out from under the bed.  One holds shoes, and the other holds all miscellaneous toys.  These are also open top bins.

And finally, a girl has got to have a place for all of her accessories!  Emmy has a garden gate looking piece on her wall which holds her clips and headbands.

 Next to it sits a bird stand which holds all of her necklaces and bracelets.

So there you have it!  Remember the two key points when it comes to organizing kids rooms!  Use open top containers, and have a place for everything.  Maybe I can do this organization thing after all?
Tiffany, thank you so much for having me here!  I am off to make the rest of the house as organized as Emmy's room now!

So many great ideas Cassie!  The room is just magical!

March 29, 2012

Blog Organized

I just couldn't be on an organizing spree and not spend time organizing the place that I spend the most time... this blog!  Since I started this blog I have learned a LOT of computer techy things.  I thought I was pretty computer literate; but there is a BIG difference between computer literate and HTML literate.  I still can not write HTML, but I can now understand it... enough!  

I love it when I land on a site and it is easy to navigate.  Whether it is a store's website or another blog, I like to be able to find something I am looking for fast, or be able to discover new things on the website.  I hope Living Savvy can be both of these things.  I discovered this new link manager and it has made me so excited!  I spent some time cleaning up and streamlining a few of my pages to find my tutorials.
Visit the full page HERE

 Under my tutorials link you can find all of my tutorials by category.  I hope to add a seasonal section and also a holiday section very soon!  But for right now, these are only my how tos... not all of my projects. 

I also updated all of the guest posts from Spray Painters Anonymous.  This system is so easy and will help me be able to keep it up to date on a weekly basis!
Visit the full page HERE

Hopefully I will this crazy organizing bug will still be biting and I can get my Features page and Portfolio page under control!

What do you think of the new layout?  Easy to use?  Are the pics big enough?


This organizing tip brought to you by Directions Not Included

Hi there Savvy Readers! I'm Anna from Directions Not Included. I'm so glad to be back here to share some organization tips with you. Tiffany had such a great idea getting everyone together for this. There have been some great tips that I will definitely be implementing in my home soon. 

As I was setting up my craft room over the past year, I found that sometimes using items not intended for your specific storage needs end up being the best solution. I found this particularly useful for items I wanted out for display but still needed to be organized and neat. 

This little corner of my desk has two of my favorites on either side of my bulletin board -  a picture ledge used to hold my glitter and twine and a metallic spice container system for all my little embellishments for paper crafts. Picture ledges and spice containers are not exactly found in the office organization section but that doesn't mean they can't be put to use in here.  Everything is contained and within easy reach which makes crafting that much easier...and neater.

Lazy susans are becoming another favorite for me in all areas of the house. This one is actually labeled for spice storage in your kitchen cabinets but it is also the perfect size for my stash of craft paints. If it looks pretty, it means you are not a hoarder, right?

And another tidbit for you. If you can't find something that works for your space (whether is it intended for its use or not) sometimes you just need to make it or decorate it to keep your items organized in the way you want. On these shelves, I have some ribbon holders I made using dowels to keep my ribbon under control but easy to access because I couldn't find anything standard that worked. I also spruced up my magazine holders and thread display stand so they would go with my space. Nothing that a little spray paint or craft paint can't fix, right? ;)

I hope you found these ideas helpful! I'm so glad we can all tackle spring now a bit more organized. Thanks again, Tiffany!

Such great ideas!  I am loving your spice containers and open shelving!  And you know me... I love a good lazy susan!

March 28, 2012

Decor Cabinet Organized

I am in the home stretch of organizing month!  Do you ever start a project and then just a little over half way through you just want it to be done?  Well that is what I am feeling about organize month.... but I know I will be happier, more efficient, and at peace when all of it is done!  SO... onward with my decor cabinet.

At the top of my stairs I have two runs of cabinets.  This is a lot of storage!  I will not have 1/2 this much in my new house, but for now it has really gotten it's use.  But the problem is that as I cycle things in and out... they don't always get put back neatly!

Every time I opened the uppers I was afraid some thing would fall on me!

I took everything out and threw away anything that was half used, like candles, or extremely broken.  Except for this vase... I just could seem to throw it away!  When I shop I buy multiples of everything!  Those glass candle holders are from the dollar store and I have used them for so many different things!

All like things are next to each other!

I put all the bulky glass cylinders and bowls on the lower roll out shelves.  I then organized my collection of vase fillers.  They were spread out in various containers, I just didn't bother to clean when I was done with them!  Laziness does not make for easy organization!

Now I feel like I am ready to decorate for spring... just wish it was more spring like weather here in Nor Cal!  Rain, rain, and rain is the forecast for the rest of the week!  A good week to organize in doors I guess!


This organizing tip is brought to you by The Turquoise Piano

Hi everyone!  I'm Kelli from The Turquoise Piano.  Thanks, Tiffany for letting me share my totally profound organizing tip today (okay, it really is the simplest thing ever).  You may not even think this is an actual organization tip.  Oh, but it is.

Make. Your. Bed. Every day.  Not only does this one simple thing start my day off on the right foot, it actually motivates me to keep the rest of the house clean.  When my bed is made, I make sure my makeup is put away after I use it and the dishes are in the dishwasher instead of on the counter.  And there's just something calming about a freshly made bed.

ruffled duvet cover... want... need!  (m's room maybe or guest bed)
white bed