December 12, 2012

The Post of Christmas Crafts Past

As I wrote yesterdays posts and stated yet again I was not very crafty... I started looking around my house at all of the christmas decor I made last year.  Last year I guess I was incredibly crafty!!

Here are some of my favorite projects from last year:

Ornament Wreath Turtorial
I made this ornament wreath last year with some extra balls I had on hand.  Super easy!  By far my favorite wreath I have!

Paper Snow Cones
With all products from the dollar store, I made a simple centerpiece for my dinning table.  This year I has made a comeback in the same place.

Ombre Snowflakes
I picked up these foam snowflakes from the dollar store last year {see a theme} and didn't quite know what I was going to do with them.  So I busted out my trusty can of spray paint and gave them a metallic ombre effect!

Reindeer Silhouette Pillow
I love this pillow!  I think I left it out for most of winter last year!

Can you tell I was in a metallic mood last year!  Good thing I still am, because I recycled most of my Christmas decor from last year!  This was a bit of a project, but I love the way it turned out!  The white twinkle lights make it shimmer!

Hope you find some inspiration from past projects!  I am in the process of ripping off the old fabric on my dinning chairs and wing backs... so I think my Christmas crafting days for this year are over.  I have a few plans for my holiday dinner table though... do it ever stop?


Kim said...

Absolutely LOVE the Reindeer pillow!! I think you did enough crafting last Christmas to give yourself a break this year!! xo

Kimberly said...

The ornament wreath is awesome and something I'll have to make next year (too many DIY Christmas gifts on my plate for now!) because I bought all new ornaments and have been wondering what to do with my old ones :)

Those snowflakes are AWESOME. I saw some foam snow flakes at Target dollar spot if anyone needs to know where to find them.

Good job being crafty!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

oooh i love that tree skirt! it's awesome!!! way to be so you and so original. because i honestly can say i have never seen one like it!

Maury @ Life on Mars said...

That reindeer pillow is AWESOME! I love it!