December 3, 2012

My Weekend Stay-cation

It rained cats, dogs, and cows this weekend here in Nor Cal!  It was windy and non stop rain pretty much Friday thru Sunday... but today should dry out and I am really looking forward to some sun!  

This last weekend was a very relaxing {although all pre-planned} needed break!  It turned out to be a mini stay-cation.  The family and I trekked out in the wind and rain to cut down our christmas tree on Saturday.  We traditionally head up the mountain to a place called Apple Hill just over an hour away with several other families and make a long day trip of it.  Earlier in the week I decided to canceled the trip due to weather.  But on Saturday the hubs and I woke up and convinced each other to brave it.  Neither of us could stand the thought of buying a parking lot christmas tree!!  
So we packed up the snow gear and headed out into the wet weather!

It rained the entire time we were there!  But the boys had so much fun!  Yes I know M is a bad plaid mixer, but that is a new jacket and those bibs are on their way to a younger relative so I will buy new ones that are less loud!!  We spent 2 hours climbing up the mountain and down the other side.  The middle pic is just the midway point of the hike.  In the end we decided to go with the very first tree I liked... all the way at the bottom of the hill!!  The boys loved yelling for a cutter and just couldn't stop until the guy was there!  They were rewarded for their amazing behavior with fresh, hot apple donuts!  The tree is large, but fits nicely in the space we made for it!  Light and decorations to come... 

I was also lucky enough to already have planned a little overnight girls trip.  We actually just headed to downtown Sac {about 20 mins away} and spent the day/night eating, drinking and socializing!

I will be honest and say that most pictures that were taken are not exactly blog appropriate, but these were two of my faves from the day!  It was an amazing time to just relax and hang out with my best friends!  It was totally the reset I needed to get me back in gear!

I do want to say thank you for all of the support and comments you all had for me last week!  I started that post just thinking about how hard it sometimes is to constantly think about how it will look on the blog.  It turned into a much needed release of some stress I really didn't know I had!  I have never really thought about taking a break, and don't want to.  I will only post because I want to and only when it makes me happy!  I know everyone reads a lot of blogs and has other things to do, so to ask you to read something that I write just because I feel like I have to post something is not fair to you or me!  Be sure that if I post it is because I want to and because I truly want to share it with everyone! 

Happy Monday!


Erin said...

Girl weekends are the BEST! Glad y'all had fun :)

Erin said...
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Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

A little time with girlfriends can always make things better :)