November 2, 2012

Happy Weekend!

It is Friday... 
another week down in the new house and there still is a list of a hundred projects!

I am very thankful though to have a house to live in, considering the tragedy that is happening in the North East.  It is hard not to watch all of the coverage of Sandy's aftermath.  I feel so much sorrow for  these people.  My heart and wishes go out to them as they begin to rebuild their lives, if at all possible.

Do you have any plans for the weekend?  I plan on listing the 25 items or so we have decided to either get rid of or have no space for on CL.  I love CL, but so hate taking the time to sell things on there!  But I know I will singing a different tune when all is sold and I have some cash in my hand... HA!

There is one more week of 5 Fall Faves and then I will be back full time to share all of the projects I have been working on and dreaming up.  Oh and the list is long!!!

Enjoy your weekend!