November 26, 2012

Back To The Grind

Oh it is so hard getting back into the swing of things after a week of vacation!  The kids and the hubs were off for the week so I found myself spending less time on the computer.  

In place of the computer I felt like I spent my time shopping!  Did anyone brave the black friday madness?  I did 2 stores and it was crazy... but totally worth it!  A few more stores over the weekend and I pretty much knocked out 80% of my list!

Besides shopping we hung the outside lights and picked up a few more items.  Now that we are in our own house we finally feel like we can decorate exactly as we want!  The kids were so excited to decorate for Christmas inside and out!

I am already making a change in the family room.  I decided I didn't like the tall shelves flanking my desk so I am mimicking the floating shelves from the other side of the tv.  I will have pics to share later in the week!  There is a little sneak peak of my first and only fake tree that I will be putting in the kids playroom.  Their window is the only window in the front of the house, so it will look great and the kids will love having their own tree!

And now the countdown is on for Christmas.  I am hosting dinner this year which means I have a whole lot to get done before the 25th!

I am going to finish up my family room soft treatments {pillows & windows} and change out the fabric on my cane barrel desk chair.
I then will move into the formal dinning room and living room and tackle my table and chairs.  I am going to redo my wing backs... again and for the last time.  Redo my grandmas chairs and paint the table.  Oh the list is long!  But I am getting excited!

Is everyone over turkey?  Surprisingly I am not, and we had 2 thanksgivings!  I love leftovers if only for my favorite sandwich in the whole world.... The Gobble Gobble!

The Gobble Gobble
Leftover Turkey
pile high
2 slices of bread

And it is even better when you make it for breakfast!

Happy Monday!


Rea T said...

i am not into black friday shopping, not brave enough :)

i noticed that you've anchored your tv but don't see any cords around or under it...where are your cords?

just curious...


Maury @ Life on Mars said...

I got no thanksgiving leftovers and I'm a little bitter about it!

Loving your family room and I think the symmetry of the floating shelves will look great. Can't wait to see all your decorations!

Courtney said...

how exciting to have Christmas in your new home!!busy, but exciting ;)

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

That is one big to do list, but I know you can handle it! :) Love the floating shelves flanking the tv btw. :)