August 21, 2012

How To... Homemade Make Up Wipes

** Updated 7.25.13**
Both of these make up wipes call for 2-5 drops of essential oil.  I must clarify that it is specific to Tea Tree essential oil.  This will prevent mold from occurring in your container.  This is the type I used and I have had no problems.  I have made these wipes several times over and I have never had any mold issues.  Good luck!

I am always looking to save a buck so when I stumbled onto these tutorials {here & here} on Pinterest I was totally willing to give it a try!

After a week of using both of them I will never buy brand name again!

Homemade Face Wipes

Add all ingredients to a measuring cup.  Mix with a fork.

Cut a roll of SELECT A SIZE paper towels in half.  

Stuff the roll into your selected container.  I chose a tall 7.5 quart container.  The roll I happen to have was a little wide {I think a double roll or something like that}.  If you don't think it is going to fit just keep on pushing it in!

Once you have stuffed it in pour the mixture over the top and on the sides.  I pulled away the towel from the sides to moisten the sides.  

Remove the center tube.  Let sit for 5 minutes to fully absorb.

Homemade Eye Makeup Remover Pads

I filled the jar up that I planned to store the pads in 3/4 full of water.  Then I adde the ingredients.

Give it a quick shake....

Transfer mixture to a different container.  Pour a little bit into the bottom and place 1/4 of the pads in.  Then pour some more remover then add some more pads.  Do this till the pads fill the container and they are mostly wet.  You may have a little bit of remover left over.

The eye make up remover was super easy to make.  The tutorial I read did not soak the pads in the remover, but I really like the idea of just opening a jar and it being ready to use.  


It was really hard to get a picture in my horribly lit bathroom!!  And to be honest I really don't wear that much eye make up on a daily basis...

What I did have on for the day was totally removed!  And my face felt so amazing!
And *bonus* the texture on the paper towels sort of mimics the exfoliation wipes!

After many failing attempts to take self pics in the mirror the hubs finally took the camera out of my hands and snapped this pic.  He was laughing his *ss off at me!!  How do people do that and look so cool??!!??

So would you make your own make up remover?  I am totally hooked!


Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

Love this!! I'm making these for sure. And I love the wine on the counter too. :)

Laura@Elegant Nest said...

Ha! you are one brave girl posting that makeup free face shot! Perhaps it was the red wine that gave you the courage! :)

Mrs. Handyverger said...

What a fantastic idea, Tiffany! I'm wondering if you're having any issues with breakouts or anything, after using the recipe? Also, are you refrigerating your wipes? :)

the Queen City Style said...

Hello! This is so brilliant! My sister in law sent me a similar method for making baby wipes. I love how your contained the wipes. I can't believe you didn't have more comments over this awesome tutorial. You site design is lovely, and your diversity of posts, great. Just found you via Little Black Door, and so happy I did! Look forward to more fun post :). Whitley

Elyse Cepull said...

As I was in Target the other day, buying another pack of Yes To Cucumber wipes, I was thinking about how I need to make some. This is perfect! Thank you for sharing.

PS. You have great skin. I would never show the after of my skin!!!

Ashley Nicole said...


Did your makeup wipes ever get a little moldy after having them in the container for a long period of time? I'm thinking about making these because all the wipes on the market make the area around my eyes get CRAZY RED! I thought this would be a great solution, great post!