June 13, 2012

Outdoor Extravaganza... Spray Paint

It is no secret that I love my spray paint.  I would pretty much spray paint anything with out a breath... so it is no surprise I used spray paint to transform the potting containers I had to make my colorful container garden.  

I started with some fun colors and some empty pots.  These pots were just left over from buying plants in them.  

Super savvy since they were free!

On a quick side note I would like to review the new nozzle for valspar paints.  I don't like it!  It is easier on my finger to use, but you still are pushing the entire time.  I much prefer a nozzle I can attach my gun to.  That way I get a continued stream of spray without my finger cramping up!  Ok on with the project!

The only containers that were not included in the plant purchases were these two that I ended up planting the tomatoes in.  We have had these since our old house, and the hubs liked the palm tree pic so I taped that off.

I am very happy with the way that one turned out.  I didn't fully cover the pot, and left some of the textured dark blue to come through.  

I also pulled out the can to liven up the chevron tomato cages I made.

A colorful garden, all with the help of a couple cans of spray paint!

Be sure to link up your outdoor paint projects over at Jean's blog today!


Ange said...

I'm loving the colorful bright pots! I need to spray paint my pots apparently, these look so much better than the befores.

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

I hate those spray paint nozzles too. I spent a whole day using (8) cans with that nozzle and my finger still hurts!

Cre8ive Motives said...

I bow to the queen of spraypaint! I have not seen one thing, I don't love of yours that you have spraypainted!

Shermika said...

These are really cool and colorful! It gives me some great ideas for when I start potting plants. I have NEVER spraypainted anything, so this is going to be fun to try out ;-)

Mrs. Handyverger said...

Tiffany, I've been using these exact same paints/colors all over the place. I'm in love with them! I hope you don't mind - I pointed people to this post of yours if they were interested in the colors I used. (Your picture of them is great, and I like sending people to other spray paint addicts, ha! I linked to the whole post, rather than the photo.) Do let me know if you mind, though!

I particularly like how the palm tree pot turned out. Love the touch of mottled blue showing through. :)