May 24, 2012

Post from Domestic fashionista

A few weeks ago I was so fortunate to meet Ashley from Domestic Fashionista.  In the midst of us talking about blogs, and home decor we decided to swap posts for the day!  So I am please to introduce you to Ashley from Domestic Fashionista!!

Hi Living Savvy readers!  I am Ashley from Domestic Fashionista!  Tiffany and I had the privilege of meeting in real person recently after finding we both lived in the same city!  It was such a treat to sit across the table from someone who gets, blog world, and keeping your family sane in the midst of it!  

Of all the things we talked about, what stood out most was our appreciation for each other's opposite style sense.  Tiffany is very modern and colorful while I am more of a neutral and shabby chic lover.  We both discussed how we wanted a bit of the other's style within our home.  

So what's better than meeting a fellow home decor blogger than leaving inspired and with a design challenge!  Today I will be sharing how I am incorporating color and modern elements into my more neutral home while Tiffany is sharing over on my blog about her love for color and her desire for some airiness in the home!

I love all things feminine and have been trying to incorporate items with each other along with modern elements to create an abstract look.  Above I took a collection of plates that would otherwise look like vintage china and placed them together to became their own unique work of art!  They are the perfect pop of color to balance the neutral walls and couch.

I have also been on the look out for graphic prints or typography like this print of California above and the sewing print below.  They both are colorful and when matched with feminine and vintage items add a little bit of funky so the house is not totally girly {if that's possible!}.

Other little elements like the type of frames I use to frame pictures set the tone for a grouping.  I framed these photos of my husband and I in our entryway using modern Ikea frames that ground sweet and romantic photos. 

One of my most recent ventures is painting canvas.  While I love adding modern elements to my home, modern art can be very expensive.  Second hand plates and frames are easy ways to fill up a wall but I wanted something big to add a lot of punch to this last grouping.

By painting over an old canvas I had, I created this piece of art displaying our last name.

I would love to hear about design elements you are trying to incorporate into your home!  Are you colorful and modern like Tiffany or more neutral and feminine like me?

I hope you will stop by and visit me over at Domestic Fashionista and read what Tiffany has to share today!  When I am not blogging about home decor, I love to also share about photography, taking care of my home, cooking, and life with my sweet hubby!  Looking forward to meeting you! 

Thanks so much Ashley for sharing your home and they ways you are working the modern and the color in!  Great job!


Shauna@Satori Design for Living said...

Love the eclectic mix of Ashley's style. The plate combined with other artwork is so charming!

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

I love her the way Ashley mixes it up! A girl after my own heart. Looks like you guys had a great time. Thanks for introducing me to another great blog!