April 18, 2012

Client Project... Parents House

We are making some progress in my parents house!  My dad likes to joke that whenever we are talking about the house we are having a client {my mom}, designer {me}, contractor {my dad} conversation.  And it is so true because I can envision what my mom wants, relay that to my dad and he can make it happen.  Or my dad will tell me something in technical terms and I can explain it to my mom and teak it to be esthetically pleasing.  If it could only be this way with every client... ha!  But you do have to think, they have been my longest running client... so it should work well by now!

The biggest project we are on is renovating the fireplace from a gas insert to an open gas fireplace.  Yes it does take away from the efficiency, but the esthetic is really what my mom wants.

Here is a reminder of the before:

Currently we are waiting on a pipe piece to be located so my dad can move the fireplace to center without having to mess with the exterior venting through roof.

Here is a an idea of what we are going for:

My mom is all about symmetry, and in this case I just have to agree with her.  The fireplace and the smallest media niche in the world were just fighting for attention.  This plan will give them both equally focal statements and completely maximize the storage and display on the sides.

We also started work on their master bedroom.  This weekend we sourced some amazing fabric to pretty much cover the entire room!  We are not going to upholster the walls, but use the fabric repeatedly through the space.

Isn't it so soothing and refreshing!?!  And even better $6.99 a yard!  We also picked some paint colors:

The three large ones are for the bedroom and the two small ones are for the bathroom. 

We both agreed it was the color on the right and the color on the top for the bathroom.  They are a perfect accent to the watery colors of the fabric.

And remember my mom had talked about adding lavender to the color scheme.  Well she vetoed a whole chair in lavender {as I knew she would... even though she is my mom and I know what she is going to pick before she does, I still have to push her a little!} but we have added the entryway flowers and a few other pictures she has had for years.  I was out and about at some thrift stores and found this beautiful paining.  It has blue, yellows, and lavenders!  And for $20 it was a steal!

Happy Hump Day!


Shannon said...

The fireplace is going to look so much better centered between the windows. Love the colors you have decided on.

Ada (new york) said...

It's going to look AMAZING!! Great find at the thrift store!

Shauna@Satori Design for Living said...

Fantastic plans! My parents are always asking design advice too. Sometimes I have to give them a little push, but they usually follow my advice.

Anonymous said...

Your parents are lucky to have your help and just fyi...esthetic is properly spelled with an "a" i.e. aesthetic.

Dana said...

Love your choices!! Can you give us the source for the fabric? That would look great in my living room! Thank you!

Nancy said...

love how this is coming together Tiffany! great job--I know how hard it is to try to please your parents AND get them to think out of the box..youre doing fantastic!

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

That fabric is such a score!! Love it. And the paint color options are looking just great for a bedroom. It's really starting to take shape. I love the updates! :)