March 14, 2012

Client Project... Parents Living Room

In the mists of organizing my house like a crazy women, I do have to stop and make time for clients {paying and not}.  My parents will be heading back to the mainland for their first 5 month summer stay in a few weeks.  Of course they are not the paying type clients, but nevertheless I know my mom is anxious to get over here and get her new house in order.   So I thought I would work on some furniture layouts for her to get her even more excited!  My mom is a visual person, and thought she has a great eye for design, she likes to have something to see.  

If you remember way back in during the holidays my mom and I went on a crazy craigslist buying spree {see here}.  Since then I have picked up a few more items for her.

Here are some of the items for the living room:

Obviously some of the upholstery will have to change, but they all have good bones!  The yellow and blue floral fabric is our jumping off point.  She is envisioning a french traditional/elegant space, but still lived in.  The tiles are for the new fireplace and media surround my dad is going to build.  The orange chair is what I am referring to as the Bergere Chair and the other chair is what I am calling the beige club chairs. I have been sourcing some fabric selections for the new upholstery.  My mom is very traditional when it comes to her design.  She likes to have things that match {perfectly matched!!}, isn't a person that likes lots of busy pattern, and needs symmetry.

I put together a few fabric options to maybe step her out of the box a little bit.

I would put the floral on the front of Bergere chairs and the navy diamond no the back.  I would also use the floral for accent pillows on the couch and maybe the wingback chair.  I would add an accent pillow in the green check.  I would upholster the club chair in the stripe and have the navy loopy lattice as an accent pillow.  I would use the sold navy to upholster the barstool seats.  I would use the yellow stripe for valances or roman shades.  The sofa is going to stay cream.

I think this is still classic, but updated!  As I am writing this I have not heard what my mom has to say... but I will let you all know!

I also worked up 4 furniture layout options.  Most of this is what we have to work with, but that doesn't mean we won't decide we need something different once we are in the space.

I think option 4 is my favorite.  I like the cozy sitting area and the way the rug brings it all together!

What seating arrangement would you go with?


This organizing tip is brought you by Decor & Harmony @ 4290

Hello Readers,
I'm so happy to be "Tipping with Tiffany."

Like many of you I'm a collector of recipes, I find myself  printing, copying and tearing recipes from magazine and before you know it all you have is a unorganized mess. A few years ago I decided to get a handle on the situation. I bought two binders and sheet protectors this system has really helped me keep my go to recipes neat.

I'm a "freak" for sheet protectors!!

I flag my favorites with post-its ~ Anyone for Red Velvet Cake?

or how about Pumpkin Cheesecake Crumble Squares?

The binders are then placed back on the shelf with my cookbooks. That's a wrap no fuss and no muss!
Vicky has some amazing recipes that she post on her blog!  I have a similar system that is need of a huge clean out!  Thanks Vicky for the paper organizing tip!  


Kimberly said...

I love the fabrics you have chosen. My mom and your mom probably have very similar taste. This summer I'm going to spend some time in CA and redo her bedroom and its going to great fun to try and update her look.

I like option 4 as well. Cozy but doesn't look like its right up against those barstools.

amy walters said...

Love the colour palette. I'm such a sucker for green and blue combos! xo

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

I'm with you - I think option 4 is a winner. Loving your fabric choices!!

Andrea said...

The fabrics are perfect. I like option 2 and 4! Your parents are lucky to have such a talented designer helping them in this process!

Andrea said...

The fabrics are perfect. I like option 2 and 4! Your parents are lucky to have such a talented designer helping them in this process!

Anna@Directions Not Included said...

Great layouts! I like 4 and 3 the best. I still want to borrow your mom for some Craigslist shopping ;)

A Journey to " A House of One's Own" said...

Could you tell me what software or website do you use to make the layout?

Lisa @ Cozy Condo Living said...

I love the fabrics you chose for your mom. I'm thinking that you might have to convince her that they work since you said she likes matchy things.
I'm also wondering what program you used to create the layout? I'm trying to find an easy one to use.

Mandy Cameron said...

Looks wonderful Tiffany! You chose beautiful fabrics. I'm with you with option 4, either way your mom will be proud.


Ada (hellooo home) said...

option 4 is my fav too! It give more of a conversational feel than a lets just gather and watch TV feel. PLUS I love how u incorporate a space in the back for the wingback chair ... maybe add an ottoman and make it into a reading area :)