October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween... Party Wrap Up

I love throwing parties!  I love the prep, and the planning... even the setting up!  The last couple parties I have co-hosted have not been at my house... so lucky me, that has meant not really having to clean up either!!  Score for me!  Anywho...

The party was a big success!  It was so much fun to get dressed up and see all of our friends just a little differently!  At the beginning of the night we all had our costumes perfectly assembled... and by the end of the night wigs, hats, mustaches, and accessories were all switched!  Good Times!

So with any party... when it was party time I was so busy getting all of the last minute details completed I totally almost forgot to take pictures!!  It was quite funny to tell people stop touching the food so I can take a picture.  So I will warn you... the pics are not all that great!  The lighting was already dimmed and I am sure I had a cocktail in one hand.  

Sorry about all the shots are of only the food!  The decor was pretty cool... very haunted house like, but strobe lights and fog machines don't really make for good picture taking!

And here are my girls... Cigarette Girl, Addicted to Love back up singer,  Mary Poppins, Roaring 20's Flapper, and Officer Sommer.

Today I am off to J's school costume party, and then trick or treating with some friends and ending the night with a hot bowl of chili and cornbread {thought it will be 82 here in nor cal, but it sounded so good }

Did you go to any Halloween parties this weekend? 

I hope everyone has a 
~ Happy Halloween ~
Have fun and be safe!

October 28, 2011

Halloween Party... Inspired By Pinterest

It is almost halloween!  Since I have kids I get a little more excited every year to see them dress up and go trick or treating!  This year J is going to be Captain America and M is going to be Buzz Light Year.  They are so stinking cute in there costumes!

But I am even more excited because the hubs and I are going to get dressed up for a adult only Halloween party that a group of friends and I are hosting!  The party is on Saturday so I am in full prep stage... yesterday decor and today food prep.

Since three of the 4 of us hosting the party are addicted to Pinterest, the decor and food were pretty much pulled from there.  {There is so much inspiration that we had a hard time choosing!!}  

Here are some of the ideas we are using for the party!

Source: delish.com via Tiffany on Pinterest

Here are some of our food ideas.

Ok... back to party prep!  And of course I will have pictures of the whole shindig on Monday!
Are you going to any fun costume parties? 

Happy Friday!
Have a great weekend!

October 27, 2011

Hobby Lobby... No Place For The Weak!

This weekend Hobby Lobby opened in my town.  It is one of only three to open up in California... and you can bet your pants I was so freaking excited!  
{For all of my mid-west and east readers who have a Hob Lob close to them... sorry, just bear with me!}

Luckily I was able to find a hour or so with out the boys to wonder around the gi-normous store by myself!  I snapped some quick picks of some of the things that caught me eye.  I will apologize in advance for the picture overload!  Apparently, many things caught my eye!  BUT I walked out buying what I went in there for and one other thing... so, I was pretty proud of myself.  {more on those things later}

They had isles and isles of seasonal decor!  It was all 40% off, and an associate said it would pretty much stay that way!

Their party isle was so much fun!  So many colors and party accessories... endless ideas!

If you wanted to do anything with letters they have every size, in every sort of material, at every price point!

I got super excited when I turned to corner to find this spray paint cabinet!  Look at all the color options!!  OH and the BEST part... they are not locked up!  I don't have to spend 20 minutes waiting for someone to find the key and unlock the damn case!

Jars, jars, jars!!  The selection was ridiculous!  

They have wall stencils!  Though the selection was not huge, what they did have was very on trend and very affordable!!! $16.99!!!!  Are you kidding me!?!?

The home decor section of the store was way over the top!  They had vases, baskets and bins in every color, shape, and size!  Their small occasional furniture is always 30% off the marked price.  They had a variety of accent furniture for every design style!

I wanted to take these striped bins home with me so badly!

There was a whole isle just for drawer pulls and door knockers!

And if you didn't want to craft it...  you certainly could just walk over to the other side of the store and buy it pre made!!

Clocks, mirrors, and lamps were 50% off too!  They compare to Home Goods in this department but a little bit higher in price.  Though they did have a wide selection and two of almost everything {you may not find that at home goods}.

And to top it all of they have fabric... not just basic sewing, quilting fabric... but home decor fabric!  Look at that rod!  It is $21.99 for a 66"-120" rod!  And it wasn't on sale so I could use my 40% off coupon for one regular price item!  

So overall I was highly impressed with our new Hobby Lobby!  The staff was very nice and very helpful even if they didn't have a clue as to what I was asking for!  For it being like a Joann's, Michael's, and Home Goods in one store I would say the prices were fairly comparable!  I would defiantly suggest not going in there with out a budget and some serious self restraint... even I was on a little bit of eye candy overload!  

If you don't get there emails to receive their weekly coupons, click here!

Now off to plan some more projects from all of the stuff I made mental notes about!
Is there any super secrets or fun tips for shopping the Hobby Lobby?  And I was wondering... are the prices on the west coast higher then at other locations?  Just wondering.