September 30, 2011

Hob Lob ~ Coming Soon

I am so glad I am not the only one that is not feeling the fall decorating bug!  That doesn't mean I don't have the fall projects swirling in my head... just having no desire to actually do any of them!  I think I have also been so busy with just fun personal stuff that I am just holding on to the very last days of summer!  

I have had an influx of family visiting {parents and grandparents from Hawaii} a couple of out of town weddings {one this weekend} and the hubs and I have had some weekend getaways {sadly separately, but still fun}.  Pre-school and sports started for J... I feel like the list is never ending!  So I apologize for the lack of posting this last week... I hope to be back to my normal schedule and full of fall inspiration next week.  It is suppose to rain on Monday and Tuesday here in Nor Cal so that should help me lose my last grasp of summer!

On a whole different note the other day my mom and I were driving on the other side of town hitting up our local Home Goods {we went there the day BEFORE payday so needless to say I couldn't buy anything... just made a good mental list of things I needed to return for!!} and I almost got in a car accident and gave my mom a heart attack!  Because... I saw signs for a new Hobby Lobby opening up soon!!!

Now I would have no idea what this place was except all of you other bloggers in the east and mid west seem to shop here religiously... and when you post the prices of the things you find I am so jealous!  I have looked up the distance to closet Hob Lob {as you all call it} and this is what I found:

The closet one is 200 miles away!  Mine is going to be opening up October 21st!  I am so excited!!  I should be right?

So tell me... what all does the Hob Lob have?

September 29, 2011

Thrifting For Fall

Does anyone else feel like they can't quite decorate for fall when the temps are still in the 90's?  I feel like everyone {at least in blog land} is breaking out the fall decor and I have yet to open my attic to find it!  I have so many ideas in my head, and I am so very excited to get started, but seriously... it was 98 today in Nor Cal and I don't even want to think about snugly blankets and pumpkins!  

I so wanted to get some other projects done before we moved into fall, but that is so not going to happen!  I wanted to wrap up all of the projects in my Piano Room, but I still have a few more projects to go for that room.  And I wanted start and be mostly finished with my finish my kids playroom... but I have barley cleaned out toys and sort of developed a new organizing system.  Oh well... it will get done one day!

BUT... instead of doing all of those things I found my way to a local thrift store I have been wanting to check out.  This was all of my loot!

Now I am not a very regular thrift store shopper.  I always want to go in them, but never seem to find the time or end up buying stuff I don't ever use because I bought something for $1 because it was a $1!!  This trip however I had a few projects in mind before I went in so I hope this trip will not be that way.

I am just in LOVE with that gold square vase!  And I couldn't pass up the glass bell {?} to use on top of a cake plate or something... we shall see!

And all said and done I spent $21.50!!  

Of course they will be transformed a little... you will just have to wait to see what I do!

September 28, 2011

Spray Painters Anonymous *Design Pages*

Hello, my name is Carol and I'm a spray paint-a-holic.  I have always loved to transform ordinary items into extraordinary gems with a simple coat of spray paint. In recent years my passion has increased as I've become addicted to thrift store shopping.  I'm like a kid in a candy store as I cruise the aisles and imagine what could be.

This post has nothing to do with "typical" transformations though.  This is an example of the crazy things you might never have thought you could a watch.  I have a white watch that I bought recently and I love it. Almost immediately after I bought it, I noticed that it had started to turn blue from the dye of my jeans.

I thought it was the end of the white watch so I figured I would have nothing to lose by trying some spray paint on it.  I taped off all the silver parts.

Gave it a first coat with a spray primer and then 2 coats of glossy white paint.

And it was as good as new.

Now is there any question as to why I'm a spray paint-a-holic?  It's a miracle worker!

Thanks Tiffany for inviting me to be part of this support group.


This turned out awesome!  So I have been wanting a white watch for a while now... do you think I could spray paint on that I already have?  Be sure to check out Carol's blog

She has some amazing DIY projects!  Right now she is completing dying an area rug with RIT... do you think she can.  She is also moving into a new house... I can't wait to see all of her new rooms!


And now let us all repeat the Spray Painters Mantra:
Friends, help me source all the items I am searching for but can not find.
Give me the vision to think outside of the box and remember the can of spray paint,
and bless me with the patience to let each of the coats dry before I move on to the next step!

Cookies and coffee are in the back! =)

If you need support for your spray painting addiction and would like to "attended" a meeting please contact me:
We always love to know other addicts, and can always use more inspiration for our projects!

September 27, 2011

Still At The Beach...

Hello... welcome back to reality!  

I got back late last night from my girls beach weekend.  I will admit, though I missed my kids and the hubs... I did not want to come home!  It is always good to getaway, laugh with friends, and just relax without the daily stresses of life!  I had a very hard time getting myself back into the routine... and *lucky* for me {NOT!} the hubs left for his 48 tour this morning!

Here are some of my pics and highlights from my trip.  

There was 5 ladies that piled out of a midsize SUV... the bell hop and valets were quite impressed with our packing skills!

We hit up the bike rentals and biked down the beach to Venice.  We stopped at our new favorite place on Venice Beach, The Venice Ale House... they have beer tastings severed in a skateboard, LOVE it!  The design of this place was just amazing... they had pint glasses as pendant lights and skate board wheels as purse hooks at the bar!  

All the ladies for a night out on the Ocean Drive.

We found a street festival that had so many food trucks!  So good! A Grilled Cheese food truck... seriously!

This was the view waiting for the roller coaster on the Santa Monica Pier... The sun was just about to set.

Our hotel was right in front of the "Original" Muscle Beach.  I had my moment on the rings... but this was the best place to people watch as we lazed by the pool!

I had many intentions of hitting up some great hotels and taking some pictures to share, but that didn't happen!  Oh well.. maybe next trip!

All in all a great trip!  Can't wait till the next one!

Now back to our regular schedule design speak... 

September 23, 2011

A Round Up of Stuff Before My Beach Vaca...

First I want to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone that gave me their input on my pillow issue!  {see the post here}  I knew I didn't love it to begin with and I am glad others were not afraid to tell me!!!  I hope you are not afraid to tell me your option when I don't ask for it!!! HA!! 

So after final thoughts from all of you and my mom {who honestly carries a lot of weight... option wise} I will be tearing the pillow apart and and not using to anywhere.  I know... a lot of work for a pillow I am just going to throw out... but it does not work with the chair or anywhere else for that matter! I have a new idea in the works so stay tuned... 

I have also spent some time working on my blog design.  I have updated the new buttons 
Check out my new "Tutorial" button and also a round up of the blog series "Spray Painters Anonymous".  I also updated my portfolio with recent projects and some long time favorites... and freshened up my "Design Services" page.  I am hoping to complete the Home Tour button next week!

I am also posting over at A'la Mode today; sharing with all of Shelli's reader how I made my Tailored Skirt!  

On a whole other subject... I am hitting the road this morning for a small road trip to So Cal with a few girlfriends for a much needed girl vaca!  

Just some views from the hotel we are staying at!
I am so looking forward to little R & R!!  I am so excited to have a few days free of kids {and though I love him so much... the hubs} and just laugh, cocktail, and relax!

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

September 22, 2011

Wingback Chair Pillow...Maybe

Yesterday I finally found some time to pull out the sewing machine and make my pillow for the my wingback chair.

Do you remember the inspiration for this pillow...

Sarah Richardson
What do you think?  
 To be quite honest I don't think I like it... on the wingback, or maybe all together. After reading your comments about the fabrics I did start to think that it is going to be fall soon {though it is still 97 here in nor cal} and maybe a nice green and orange would look good.  

I think I like the pillow itself... 
maybe it would look good on my bench in the hallway?

September 21, 2011

Spray Painters Anonymous {Salvage Savvy}

Hello, my name is Connie, and I am a spray paint addict! How do I know? Well, because I was contacted by Tiffany to contribute to this series... and I had soooo many spray paint projects on my blog that it really was hard to decide which one to use!!

After much back-and-forth with myself... I settled on sharing these Painted Mirrored-Vases, because they show just how inexpensively you can transform ordinary objects using only spray paint!

Here’s what you need:

Cheap little glass vases

Looking Glass spray paint

High gloss spray paint

Here’s what you do:

Put your vase upside down on the drop cloth.

Spray several VERY light layers of Looking Glass onto the vase [make sure each layer dries in between, don’t worry, it dries fast] until you cannot see through it anymore.

Let it dry completely.

Now, do the same thing again, spraying right over the Looking Glass paint with your colored high gloss paint [I used white, but any color would look great!].

Due to the shape of my vases, once the bottoms were dry I turned them over, put my spray paint lid in the vase opening [so as to not get any paint inside the vase] and sprayed the top edges that I couldn’t reach while it was upside-down.

And that’s it! You have adorable little mirrored vases! Since all of the paint was applied to the outside, you can even still put water in them and use them for flowers. I just think that spray paint is wonderful... whether I'm tackling a big project or just doing a cute little decorative project... and that's why I'm addicted [and you should be too]!

Thank you Connie for sharing!  I seriously didn't know they made Looking Glass spray paint!!  Looks like you could have bought them for $30 a piece!!  I so need to get me some of that!
Be sure to check out Connie's blog Salvage Savvy

 She just finished her office makeover and it turned out amazing!  And she just finished a beautiful bathroom vanity... you will have to check out!


And now let us all repeat the Spray Painters Mantra:
Friends, help me source all the items I am searching for but can not find.
Give me the vision to think outside of the box and remember the can of spray paint,
and bless me with the patience to let each of the coats dry before I move on to the next step!

Cookies and coffee are in the back! =)

September 19, 2011

Pillow Inspiration

How was everyones weekend?  I attended a family wedding... it was very special and I was able to visit with family I don't see all to often.  I did have to spend the night in a hotel with 2 toddlers {with my husband absent on bagpiper duty} and that was not so special... but that is how it rolls I guess!

But over the weekend I had a few extra minute to drool over Pinterest.  As I was looking over my pins I came across this pic of this bench Sarah Richardson did for the Toronto Interior Design Showhouse.

I can not get that yellow chevron out of my head!!! I want that somewhere in my house!!! I was going to try to do the piano bench I just redid {see here} but once I measured out the actual size it would be too high.  

I have this fabric {the yellow chevron} and I was thinking about using it for pillows on my wingback chair.... but I also wanted some navy.  So I have an idea... 

Hopefully I will make it happen this week!  Thank you for all of the input on the pillows and fabric selection!  

Have a great wee!

September 17, 2011

Thank you... The Versatile Blogger Award

I was so excited to get this email yesterday!  I was awarded

by the lovely Sabrina from LouLou Sucre!  I have seen this floating around blogland, but never really expected to have it bestowed on me!  So here is how it works...  I have to write about 7 interesting facts about me, then pass the award onto 15 other amazing bloggers!

So here it goes... 7 interesting things about me

1.  I knew I wanted to be an Interior Designer before I even knew it was a "real" career.

2.  I am scared {used to be terrified but I am working on it} of clowns.  
Seriously ~ people they are scary!

3.  I can set my alarm for 5:00 am {yes that is the time I usually wake up}, but will always wake 2 minutes before it goes off.  Now I don't use alarms.

4.  My two boys {4 & 2} have iPod touches and know how to use them almost better then I can use my iPhone!

5.  I watch reruns of Gilmore Gilrs when the hubs is not home {as I watch now}!

6.  Me and the hubs along with another couple are making our own wine.  We just picked grapes for the second year in a row and our 2010 vintage is going to be pretty good for our first try!

7.  I have been told I love to argue... I really don't love it, but I am pretty good at it!  I have been told may times I should have been a lawyer!  Pays way more interior design, but so not as much fun!

Here are the fabulous 15 blogger I would like to pass this along to:

Hope everyone is enjoying there weekend!