July 29, 2011

Workspace Inspriration

  So I am sitting at my new desk area, in my new desk chair, on my slightly used computer {but with internet access!!!} to write this blog post.  I am dying to share some pics, but it is just not quite ready yet.  I hope to reveal on Monday!  

I am the kind of person that will move into a new place and have everything unpacked and put away with in 48 hours, so to live with a small part of my everyday living space unfinished has been driving me crazy!!!  I have put off other projects {my wing back chair reupholstery} to finish my desk area, and like I said yesterday this desk space has had a domino effect with in my kitchen/eating area.  Can you tell I am so not a patient person {as I believe most of us designers are} so I had to get this space done ASAP.

I have spent some time getting lost in the world of Pintrest looking for inspirational workspaces and I found so many great ones!  {How did we live before without Pintrest?}  Any-who... Here are some of the spaces I took some inspiration from.

July 28, 2011

The Design Domino Effect

Have you ever bought something, or received something as a gift and once it was in the space you wanted it nothing else around it seemed to work?  You try to change a few things to make it better, but it doesn't completely work?  Then you think... well maybe I JUST need {...}, and that leads to {...}, leading to a new {...}, leading to painting {...}?

THIS is what recently happened to me!  My husbands grandparents recently gave us a desktop Mac that they were no longer using.  When they asked if we wanted it I was very excited {we have been a one laptop household since the hubs split a mai tai on my laptop while on a plane} and I had plans to put it on my kitchen countertop in a little space where the phone and cell phone chargers are.  But when we actually got the computer we found a big ass old school tower computer and not so good looking monitor.  The computer is a great computer and in the end it is a second internet source for the house so we took it... but I was left with thinking of a place to put an actual desk for my desktop computer.

So now I am in the middle of my falling design dominos.  I am very excited about my new space and it is almost done.  When I was in Chico last week {working on my MIL living room project} we were out sourcing some antique stores and I came across this awesome chair.

I had no idea where I was going to put it; but for $25 {YES $25 haggled down from $35} I just had to have it!!  My MIL offered to get it for me... and of course I said yes!  I am happy to say the chair has a new look and a new home... I was hoping to share the chair and the new space but it is not quite ready.  Maybe early next week...

Have you ever had a design domino effect happen to you?

July 27, 2011

Spray Painters Anonymous {Our First House}

Hello my name is Carmel, and I'm a spray-paint-a-holic!  Yes, that's right, I'm a spray paint addict.

Lately my addiction has taken me outdoors.

I turned this old chair......

into an outdoor plant stand with the help of my trusty sidekick - Rustoleum's Heirloom White.


I also turned a couple of basic and boring old urns.......

into something fresh and fun for my patio area! 

For more deets on these spray painting projects check here.  

Thanks so much for asking me to join your spray-painters-not-so-anonymous support group Tiffany!  It's so nice to know I'm not alone but rather I'm in really good company!  :) 

Thank you Carmel for sharing your love of spray paint!  Be sure to stop by Carmel's blog

She has amazing style!  Check out her current blog series "Fridays For The Love of Chairs"... so many great chair makeovers!

July 26, 2011

How to: Tufted Ottoman

Thank you so much for all of the praise regarding my MIL Living Room fabrics {see design process here, here & here}!  Yes that ottoman fabric is beautiful!  
I should say it was very laborious but in fact it was not... I had a whole lot of help!  By who do you ask... from Overstock.com!!  Originally I had planned on turning her existing coffee table that was in her family/tv room into a tufted ottoman, but after a week of the grandkids being there they soon realized that they liked having the table in the family room next to the tv.  My MIL still liked the coffee table so she was not quite ready to re-purpose it.  So then she suggested my FIL build an ottoman that I could upholster and asked me for a building cut sheet.  I thought that would be a great idea... but what did she want kinda of style was she thinking about? And what tools did he have {i.e. how elaborate could I design it}?  She had been hanging on to a picture of a living room as an inspiration space and the ottoman in the space was very ornate.  It would have been very hard to build!  I spent some time looking at ottomans and sending her some photos so she could narrow it down.  One of the photos was this ottoman from Overstock.com

When my MIL saw it she told me that she had been eying that exact ottoman for over a year!  I told her then why don't you order it and I will change out the fabric... It was perfect!  Perfect size, style, and easily changed!

Once the tufted ottoman was off of the base {it came off just like a seat of a dining room chair would} I flipped it over and began to remove ALL of the staples.  I remember at one point in this process reminding myself that I would never take out staples again after my wingback chairs... but oh how that was short lived!  I think my hands are still a little sore!!  

Lucky for me the foam, batting, and button placement came with the ottoman {since it was already completed!} so I as able to skip measuring and the jig making for all of the holes!

Next I measured out the fabric needed...  And then moved onto my 2nd favorite thing to do next to pulling out staples...

Making buttons!! All 28 of them!  Yes I said 28!! {It is a good thing she is my MIL and on the friends and family plan or I would have charged a whole lot extra for them!! After making buttons for this upholstered tufted headboard for a client, I wanted to be done with the buttons for a while!}  Here is a little tip: Add a small amount of fabric glue to the back {between the fabric and the button back} when you are making your buttons.  On both occasions I have had some of the button covers pop off of the backing when I was pulling to "tuft."  If you apply the glue it just gives it a little extra staying power.

Next I took my long upholstering needle and twine and fished all of the buttons in to their spots.  I thought this would be a time saver, but in the end it was not.  After my MIL and I pulled the middle buttons and worked our way out, the outer buttons were off because of how much tuft there was.  So next time I would attach the button and pull tight at the same time.  After we were finished with that we stapled the edges working from the center to the corners. {I would have taken pictures but it was 105 degrees in her garage and we just wanted to be done!!}

Attach base again {we left the self out} and you have a customized ottoman!


Head on over to Judy's Sizzling Summer series were my How To: Bolster Pillows are being featured today!

July 25, 2011

*Update* Client Project: MIL's Living Room

Happy Monday everyone!  
Last week I spent a couple of days adding the next layer to my MIL's Living Room.  This layer was mostly fabrics with a few decorative pieces added in.  When we planned this trip we thought the sofa was going to still be at the upholsterers, but we were so super excited when they delivered it almost a week early when I happened to be there! {see the other *updates* on this project here, and here}.

In this room I really tested my newly found sewing skills... I made my own bias welting {tutorial to come}, and for the first time attempted a fringe detail and a zipper on a pillow!!  I also tackled a tufted ottomam {but I had a little bit of help... more on that later in the week}!

There are still a few large pieces of furniture to purchase and window treatments to make, but over all we have jumped the hurdle to the home stretch!  
I am very happy with the way this room has turned out, but most importantly my MIL and FIL LOVE it also!

  Most of the decor was stuff she already had.  We did find some time to source a few antique and thrift stores and there we found that amazing blue lamp for $6!!! It needs a shade but the color is perfect.  This room is a great example of transitional design.  There are a lot of traditional elements: ottoman style and fabric, striped lumbar, colonial molding; but mixed in with modern statements: geometric fabrics and the lines of the sofa juxtaposition all of the traditional.  I love the geometric pillows with the traditional fringe on the chairs... so unexpected!! 

The current window treatments will come down and we will put up something a little less formal.  Few more things but, I can't wait to put the finishing touches on the space!  

On a funny note... the ottoman fabric has the best pallet of color to pull from and we opted to pull out the steely blue as a major accent color.  I think it works very well but the entire time my MIL kept on saying orange and blue were the colors of their wedding {in '75}!!!  Funny how we think things change, but they never really do!