June 29, 2011

Big Girl Room {Progress Report}

Hey there everyone!  So I started off this week very sick and laid out on my couch with the flu. =( Luckily I felt better in enough time to drive the boys up to the grandparents so they could spend a few days with them in Chico... leaving me and the hubs with a few days to ourselves!  SO needless to stay {since the week is halfway over} posting will be light!!  

But I wanted to post some progress pics of the Big Girl Room I was able to take over the weekend before I got sick... The room is turning out wonderful!  There are just a few more projects and finishing touches we need to add!

I am loving all of the pattern and color!  I think the curtains look great against the yellow... but the rod needs to be raised a little bit!  

And remember the pillows I did for this clients downstairs sectional?  Here is a few snaps of those on the couch.

 The pillows are just the pop of color she was hoping for!  I love them... and couldn't quite convince her to let me keep them!! =)

June 28, 2011

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner {or a new rug}

Hello all!  I am sorry to be posting this a day late, but I was struck by the flu bug this weekend and it laid me out for a couple days.  I am feeling better today, enough to actually read emails!  I have been wanting a few days to just zone out and catch up on TiVO ~ just didn't want it to be because I was sick!!
Anyways... on to the more important stuff!  I have a winner of for my Rug USA Giveaway!  
Here is the rug: 

  And the winner is:

mmalavec  You are the winner!!! 
Please email me so I can get your information and have the rug shipped off to you!

Thank you so much to everyone that entered!  I can't wait to do another giveaway soon!

June 24, 2011

A Pop of Pillows

I am in the middle of sewing up a storm for a client project {see previous posts about the Big Girl Room, here, here & here}.  I have completed all of the pillows, and window treatments for the room!  I am very excited to install them in the next couple of days... I will post pics!
  While we were fabric shopping online for the Big Girl Room, my client wanted to find some fabric to spruce up her pillows in her main living areas.  


Aren't these fabrics so bright and fun!  Her family room has a dark brown leather sectional and she wanted something to lighten that up.  Not all of the fabrics are going on the couch {that would be a bit of a pattern overload... haha} a couple will be in her front living room.  

 I am in LOVE with these pillows... maybe I will just keep them for myself!!

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Giveaway closes on today and a winner will be announced Monday.

June 22, 2011

DIY Greek Key Inspired Pillow

Awhile ago I reupholstered my bench that sits in my hallway.  Over the last couple months I have found some pillows for the bench to bring all of the colors together. 

The red one I had, the paisley with red trim I made,the lumbar with the blue and navy circles I found at Walmart, and the big navy one is actually just a standard pillowcase with a pillow {from the couch in my playroom} stuffed in it.  I liked the arrangement very much, but it needed just punch.  And I really didn't like two solid pillows.  After looking for a different pillow {with no luck} and never wanting to spend any $ I decided to embellish the pillowcase.

I love the Greek key {almost as much as I love the chevron...} but since the bench fabric has that pattern already I wanted to create something that was graphic but not too over-the-top with Greek key.

Originally I wanted to sew the ribbon on to the pillow, but then I realized I didn't really want to cut up the pillowcase.  My next thought was fabric glue.  Here is where I started...

When I said the pillow was stuffed into the pillowcase it really was and I just folded up the extra material into the bottom.  The bench rarely gets sat on so it didn't really ever come out.  But I thought to do this right I probably should cut and sew the bottom to make an actual finished pillow.  So I measured the pillow and cut the remainder off.  Then I folded and ironed a 1/2" of the fabric up so I had something to hand sew when I was done.  Next I started to pencil out my design.  I really didn't have a pattern to follow... I sort of just eyeballed where I wanted the big square to be, and then how big I wanted the small ones to be {I know, not very helpful if you are going to try this}.  Here are the measurements I ended up with:

The Pillow is 20"x 22"
The large square is 12" x 12" {measured to the outside}
The small squares are 6" x 6" {measured to the outside}
The ribbon is 1" wide
After I measured and cut all of the strips out, I began gluing the white ribbon down... 
and this is what happened:

Can you see the glue lines?  I thought after it dried it wouldn't show the glue lines.... um no.  It looked horrible!  So I did this...

Yep, I spray painted the fabric ribbon beige.  I was thinking I could use a fun contrasting color, but with the other pillows and bench, I liked the beige.  {I did a test just to make sure when the glue dried it was not visible.  Just make sure you get enough paint on the ribbon to make it opaque.}

I laid out the design and began gluing..

{the glue was not quite dry... but I was running out of good light and I wanted to snap some pics.}
I love the linear, graphic pop it adds the the pillow arrangement!  A Greek key inspired pillow for less than $10!

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Malibu Home Tour {Courtney Cox}

Summer is officially here {welcome 101 degrees here in Nor Cal...} and I felt like spending some time looking for inspiration for my future beach home.  The hubs and I have a goal... one day we will have a 2nd home in a beach town that we can get away to for the weekends and the summer, and maybe retire there.  And considering we don't even own one house at the moment,  I am aware this is a HUGE goal that is VERY far in the future!!  But a girl can dream can't she?

While I was looking I cam across Courtney Cox newly renovated Malibu Retreat that will be featured in the Elle Decor July/August 2011 issue.  I want to move in and stay forever!  For me it is a great mix of modern beach.  Totally a California beach home!


Don't you just wish you were one of her "friends" right about now?