May 31, 2011

Pintrest {where have you been all of my life?}

Have you heard of Pintrest?   For the last couple months I have been seeing it on different blogs and listed as photo sources, but was hesitant to use it.  I am not sure why I wasn't interested... probably because I didn't want to have one more thing I needed to look at on the computer and one more thing for people to have to follow me on.  But after stopping by a couple times to see what it was all about, I gave in a asked for an invite.  A few days later I received it and can I say that my world have never been the same since.  
So what is Pintrest?  Pintrest is a web-based place to bookmark all of your favorite images all in one place.  You can create different folders for things you may be looking for or for things you want to remember.  For example I have a file going to all of the design projects I am working on or do-it-yourself projects I might want to try.  I even have a file for fabrics I love... I now have to say I am addicted to it!  Yesterday I was at a clients house {using her computer} sourcing fabrics online.  I wanted so bad to "pin" the fabric so we could go back to it and see what worked together, but I couldn't.. I felt lost!!
Here are some screen of my latest boards: 
CLICK to see board

CLICK to see board

CLICK to see board  See original post about this project.
 All so organized and pretty!! My kind of filing system with no paper!!  It not only bookmarks the link you can also put and a price to the tag.  You can also browse other people pins and follow inspirational people!!  It WILL suck your time.. but it is so worth it!

Want an invite... CLICK here.


May 30, 2011

Sofa Shopping {Husband vs. Wife}

This weekend a friend of mine sent me a text and asked what I thought of a sectional sofa for her great room.  Her and her husband were in a serious debate about buying a new sofa and exactly what was important to each of them.  I think buying a sofa {as a couple} is one of the hardest purchases a couple can make... short of a big purchase like a house, etc.  I almost have never had clients or friends were they BOTH agreed on a sofa right away.  In my friends case she wanted something that she would love for many years down the road {who doesn't}, something classic but not traditional, and knew she needed to spend $$ to get a good quality sofa {an upgrade from the current Ikea sofa they have now}.  Her husband, on the other hand wanted something that "wasn't too modern" and "not too expensive" {like most husbands.}  She wanted a faux velvet {or microfiber} because they have dogs that lay on the sofa {making for easy spot cleaning}, and he didn't.  She wanted a sectional sofa and he thought it was too big.  And how much was "too much" to spend.  I have a theory that for every $100 you spend on the couch it should last that many years {$200 would = 2 years.} 
  The debate continued....

Finally, I told her to come over and we will look online at a few then then head out to sit on them.  We spent about 5 minutes looking online and fell in love with a sectional sofa from West Elm.
It is a classic sofa with "modern" lines for her, but not "too modern" for him {although he is arguing it looks like their current sofa... it doesn't}.  At first she was going to compromise the microfiber for a basketweave cotton, but once we saw this fabric on the floor model... we were in love!!

The taupe color is the perfect neutral!  It can go warm with reds, and organges or cool with blues and turquoise.  
Then she told me that they had been debating about a coffee table at Cost Plus and she had to show me to make sure they would work together.

I think they were a match made in heaven!!  I love how the formal feel of the velvet is toned down with the rustic feel of the reclaimed wood and metal.  I have so many visions for the other pieces... I can't wait for it all to come together!!

What do you think of the combo... and have you been in the same debate with your hubby?  I have... but that is a whole other post!!

May 27, 2011

Happy Holiday Weekend!  

It is the unofficial kick off to summer, and even though temperatures have been seasonally low here in Nor Cal {it will get hot soon enough}, I still think this weekend needs to be celebrated outside!  It is a 3 day weekend for most people and that typically is cause to party it up; but let's keep in mind that  Memorial day is a day to honor and remember the brave people that have fought for our freedom and rights!  

A big THANK YOU and salute to all of our past and present men and women in the armed forces!

So with that being said, we do have 3 days off... so what should we do with out time?  
Entertain of course!!  Here is some great eye candy to inspire a great Memorial Day BBQ

 via Maddy Cakes Muse via pintrest

via Hostess with the Mostess via Pintrest
 And what would make an American BBQ complete?  An amazing hamburger!!

Seriously... how good does this look?  Click, here for the recipe!
And don't forget the refreshments!  Anyone that knows me knows that I don't have a party with out some yummy cocktail!! 

I would make a fresh spiked lemonade.

Spiked Lemonade
{makes 4 cocktails}

-juice from 8 lemons
-  1 cup lemon simple syrup*
- 4 oz vodka {or lemon flavored vodka}
- 1 oz triple sec
- sprite/7 up
- Bakers sugar for rims

Add ingredients {to triple sec} into shaker to mix.  Pour over ice in tall glasses.  Top off with a splash of sprite.  Garnish with sugar on rim and a lemon wheel.

*Lemon Simply Syurp*
-1 cup water
- 1 cup sugar
- lemon zest from 3 lemons

Bring all ingredients to a boil until sugar is dissolved.  Drain out lemon zest.  Store in an air tight container for up to 3 weeks.

Have a great weekend!!

May 26, 2011

Drawing A Design Blank

So as I mentioned earlier this week I am going to move my attention of freshening up my house my piano room {formal living room}.  When you walk into my house {my rented house} it is the room you walk into.  It is two stories with contractor white walls.  I have no plans on painting the space so I need to inject my furnishing with some color.  In there I have a piano and an armior that are both the same walnut color, a single wing back chair that I am going to attempt to reupholster {click HERE for before pics and possible fabric options}, and a small side table. Currently the side table has an old black table lamp.  It is just like the wingback... I have two, but only have room to use one of them.  

I purchased these lamps when many years ago when I was a Manager at Z Gallerie in San Francisco.  They were in the basement and marked down to $5 each shade included!!!  I am still in love with them, but really want to change the black finish and maybe spruce up the shade.   Here is my problem... I have no idea what to do!  Do I want to go with a color like red or blue?  I am thinking maybe a gold, but would that look to traditional on the modern table?  {even though that eclectic modern is my current style by default...}  Do I do a mix of color or create a great pattern on them.  I am at a serious design blank! 

What would you do with the lamp?

May 25, 2011

Client Project {A Big Girl Room}

It is amazing how fast kids grow up and out of things!  As parents we spend so much time {at least us pregnant women} selecting nursery decor for our kids rooms.  We search and search for the right theme, crib, fabric and colors, only for the baby to use the room for a couple years before they start deciding it is time they want something different.  Or they start climbing out of their crib and force you to change their crib to a toddler bed... and they they wake up and walk out of their room at all hours of the night, and what used to be a 3 1/2 hour nap has turned into a 1 1/2 nap because he decided it was time for him to get up and he can because he can just slide out of bed and open his door..... 

But I degrees....
{M is way to happy to have so much freedom!}

So as all kids grow up and find their own style and likes we as parents want to give them a room that they want to be in... and want to sleep in.  A client of mine {and very good friend} recently asked me to give her daughter a "Big Girl" room.  My little client requested 4 different wall colors and butterflies.  Her mom requested it be not overly pink and something that she could grow into.  I am so excited to work on this project.  When you have two boys, there is no hope for designing a girls room in your own house.  

Here is what her room looks like now:

The client already had the bed from Ikea but for the most part we will be starting from scratch.  

Here is the inspiration board for the new room:


I have numbered the items for the client... you will just have to wait for the reveal to see how I used all of the fabrics! I want to embellish the bed she by adding a custom headboard. Also, I am hoping to find a dresser on craigslist or a thirft shop that I can paint out, but if not I might have to settle for this the one pictured.  I love the mix of colors and pattern!

Here is the proposed space plan for the room:

I can't wait to get started on the room!  I will be sure to post updates of the progress and the after pictures!
I am very happy to offer E-Design for my clients also ~ pricing is upon request!
If you are interested in my Design Services for every budget please visit my Design Services page or email me:

I am very happy to offer E-Design for my clients also ~ pricing is upon request!

May 24, 2011

Wingback Reuphosler Project

This next month I am moving on to my Formal Living Room... which we call The Piano Room {because I have a baby grande piano... duh}.    I also have a large armior {that I love}  that was handed down from my parents.  The room is small and the piano and armior are big... so needless to say there is not a whole lot of space in there for a seating.  Currently, the only seating I have a single wing back chair.  I have two... but like I said one will only fit.  These too were handed down to me via my parents {remember they moved to Hawaii and didn't take anything!!  Score for me!!}  The chairs at the time were covered in the most instyle fabric of the time {circa 1988!!} but currently it does not have a place in my house... and I really don't think this is ever going to come back, and even if it does I am not going to wait for it!  
Here is a sneak peak:

Since I have had these chairs I have had a black slipcover for them.  The slipcover has worked out very well, but it is time for a change. 

I started by looking for another slip cover in a different color, but they were $$!  I don't remember paying that much for them the first time around {of course we were DINKS *double income no kids* so I tend to forget how much $ we really had!!}  Then I got to thinking... for the cost of a new slipcover I could probably reupholster them myself.

I know this is a DIY that is not for the faint of heart but I am excited to take the challenge!  What I think is going to be more challenging is choosing the fabric.  
Here are a few combinations of fabric I am contemplating....

I really like the contrast of a front fabric and a back fabric.  I think I might even take on the challenge of contrasting piping {I know my mom is cringing as she reads this!!!!}  
What do you think of my fabric options?

May 23, 2011

Online magazines

Today was a busy day... and sadly not much of it was spent on actual design work.  I spent about an hour tooling around TJ Maxx sourcing things for different clients... and the rest was spend browsing the internet at new design blogs, and online magazines.

I know I have mentioned a couple of the online magazines I use for inspiration {here} but there are so many out there.

Here is what I was caught up reading:

Did you catch the chevron wall behind the shelving unit? {love}

Rue Magazine is a great new magazine that is a little edge, but has such great style! This is from their March/April issue.  But their May/June issue just went live today!!

Does anyone remember Domino Magazine?  It was my most favorite shelter magazine and it ended production a couple of years ago.  Well the creative minds from Domino, founded by designer Michelle Adams and photographer Patrick Cline launch Lonny in October 2009. It is a bimonthly online magazine that focuses on lifestyle and home decor.  These are some great takes from their most the May/June issue.

Tradhome is a collaboration with the creators of Lonny and Traditional Home Magazine.  The magazine is separate from the print version of Traditional Home, and is hoped to bring inspiration to a younger generation that may have not picked up Traditional Home in the stores.... and boy does it not disappoint!!  Amazing spaces!!  These photos are from Spring 2011 {one of two issues that will be live this year} the next one will be in the fall.

House of Fifty just had their premier issue this last month.  The magazine is the brain child of blogger Janell from Isabella & Max Rooms.  This magazine is filled with so many great ideas, inspiration, and tips for design, and life!  I have read every page and I can't wait for the next one to go live.  Did you see where I got my inspiration for my fabric covered bulletin board?  These are all clips from the premier issue of House of Fifty.

May 22, 2011

A Weekend of Play... Not Projects

Did you have a good weekend?  
I had a few projects I was planning on tackling this weekend, but instead decided to spend it with friends BBQing, wine tasting, and being outside.  Oh well... I will get to them this week. {And of course share with you later}

I am not the only one that is crafty in my house, J {my oldest} made this necklace for me in his pre-school class this week.

  He asked if I was going to put it on my "work"... so cute!  I don't know if it is a "mom thing" but I actually love it and have worn it... out in public!!  

I have a busy week since I spent the whole weekend playing... Have a good one!