March 31, 2011

Savvy Eye Candy: Lonny Mag

I sat down to write this post over 2 hours ago!  I have so many things going on in my head right now that I couldn't narrow down what project I wanted to write about or what DIY I want to do this weekend... I am all over the place!!  I have been scouring the internet for information, sourcing for projects, and drooling over all of the other design/DIY blogs out there!  
{Which added 5 more DIY projects to my list!}

I also squeezed in some time to look at the latest issue of the online magazine Lonny Mag.  I love this magazine!  It has great articles about design, wonderful photography, and amazing sources!  So in short I am going to leave you with some eye candy from the latest issue.  But if you have some free time {or none, but you are procrastinating} shoot on over there website and read the whole thing!

I think I am going to steal the rug design for a future DIY project!

The headboard is the perfect shade of blue... I want it!!

That ceiling is just amazing!!

This is my dream kitchen!!

March 30, 2011

Savvy Cooks: Frozen Pancakes w. hidden veggies!

I love design, but I also love to cook!  I find it relaxing, and creative {exactly how I feel about design!}  and something that I get to do everyday for me and my family makes me very happy!  But just because I make it for my family does not mean they will eat it!  And just because I am at home most days does not mean I have time to cook for them everyday... so I make things in bulk and freeze {more on that later!} 

I have two sons; a 4 year old {in 1 week} and a 1 1/2 year old.  For the most part I have been blessed with eaters... BUT that doesn't mean they will eat everything.  My oldest will eat mostly anything unless it is orange or looks funny; and my youngest has put himself on a high protein/no veggie diet.  I have been struggling to get him to eat more veggies!  I have a rule that you must take a bite of everything on your plate, eat what you like first and then we will talk about the other stuff.  This rule works well with the son I can communicate with, but not so well for the one that points and cries.. so what was I going to do?

I had picked up a book from Costco a few years back with the intent to make my own kids food when I decided to stay at home but I had never cracked it... Simply Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld.  The premise of this book is to hide pureed vegetables in foods that you know your kids will eat.  It didn't seem too hard, so I thought I would give it a try with one or two recipes and it was a HUGE success!!  

So the next step was figuring out how to make these foods and freeze them so they were ready when my kids were hungry.  I started with the frozen foods that my kids eat all of the time, pancakes {and chicken nuggets... a recipe I will post soon}.  It is so easy to make in bulk and freeze giving me extra time to do other things in my SAVVY life!
Here is my Frozen Pancake Recipe {it is slightly different from the book.}

Frozen Pancakes {w. Hidden Sweet Potatoes}
Pancake Mix {whatever your favorite brand is}
1/2 cups water {extra}
1/2 cup sweet potato puree {process for puree at bottom}
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
1/8 teaspoon all-spice

Make batter to recipe provided on bag.  Add water and sweet potatoes and mix well.  On a hot griddle or skillet drop 3" circles of batter.  You will not need any butter, oil, or Pam.  Wait for batter to bubble and flip.  Let cool in a stack on a plate.  When cool place in gallon freezer bags and freeze for up to 3 months.  To reheat simply take out amount desired and toast in toaster until warm.

**Note** I double the recipe... might as well make more while I have the stuff out!!

Here is Jessica's Recipe for puree sweet potatoes:
Prep: Do not peel.  Cut into Quarter, if steaming.  Leave whole, if roasting.
Cook: Steam for 40 to 45 minutes.  Roast @ 400F for 50 to 60 minutes.
Puree: Scoop out the flesh and puree in a food processor, blender or {what I use} an immersion blender.
Store in snack size {the non freezer one work just fine} baggies in 1/2 cup amounts.  


March 29, 2011

Somthing's Gotta Give Living Room

 This is one of my favorite movies!  I can watch this movie over and over again, and it's really not about the story {though I do think the story is cute} it's about the set design!  Seriously I watch the move and stare at the furnishing, bookcases, and bedding!  Not to mention I love the "shaker style" Hampton beach house!
The design is cool, comfy, relaxed, and still sophisticated.

I create this same look the SAVVY way:
1.  Blue Arm Chair $352.99
2. X Side Table $106
4. End Table $89
5. Coral Pillow $59.95
6. Silver Shells $71.14
7. Ottoman $199
8. Black Lamp $139
9. Blue Striped Rug $167.99
12. Wicker Chair $219.99
13. X Stool $79.99

March 28, 2011

Nip it in the budvase!

It is FINALLY sunny outside!  Typically I am a person who does not tries not to get upset by the things in which I can't change, but I was really starting to be a little pissed at Mother Nature!  The blue skies and sun are making me wish I could have {remember I rent} a flower garden to cut beautiful seasonal buds.  Flowers are a very SAVVY {inexpensive & beautiful} way to freshen up your home, add texture, and color.  
Lucky for me I have a friend that always brings me amazing flowers from her garden!  They just brightened up everything!

I love little vases of the same flower or a small group of different flowers but like colors.  When friends don't grace me with fresh cut flowers I try to buy them at the store {shockingly, Walmart has a great selection of seasonal stems for $5 and $10}  or farmers market {when I have a chance to go}.

I have so many vases from just random collecting over the years.  I also like to use containers that would not typically be used for as a vase.  You could use a tall shot glass, an old pitcher, or a small candle holder.  I feel like everyone I know has these:
If you don't buy, HERE

Here are some SAVVY options to put your fresh cut stems in:
3. Turquoise Vase $4.99 
4. Bird Vase $19.95
4 {opps}. Ocean Blue Vase $6.
5. Glass Vases $9.99 {set of 4}
8. White Beaded Vases $2.99 ea.

March 21, 2011

Savvy's Facelift

  As you can see... Living Savvy has been redesigned!  Nothing much has changed from the other site... just prettier and an opportunity for more information to the readers!!  
I have had some technical issues {most of my pictures have disappeared!!} and I have a whole new vocabulary with regards to the internet!! I am trying to focus on fixing these problems and continue to blog BUT I have not been very successful!!  Hopefully I will be back giving savvy design inspiration very soon!!

March 16, 2011

It's Not Easy Being Green

Today is St. Patrick's Day.  The Irish have observed this day as a religious holiday for over a thousand years. On St. Patrick's Day, which falls during the Christian season of Lent, Irish families would traditionally attend church in the morning and celebrate in the afternoon. Lenten prohibitions against the consumption of meat were waived and people would dance, drink and feast—on the traditional meal of Irish bacon and cabbage.

Well... now here in America, St. Patrick's day has become the day to wear green or you get pinched and we drink on feast on cornbeef {which they don't even have in Ireland} and cabbage.  As for me I will be spending the day enjoying the tradition of "drink" while participating in a pub crawl!

Here are some green rooms for some inspiration... green also works for the other 364 days of the years!

Such a well designed room!  I love the mix of patterns {see the SAVVY design principals for mixing patterns, here} and the scale of the furniture!!!  Just amazing!

I am drooling!! I just love how simple the tile layout is, but the color is just striking.  I also think it is just brilliant how the tile changes runs just above the counter!!!
Lime green and pink... one of my favorite combination!!

Martha always does it right.  Many shades of green with in the applied molding gives it the depth.

This room has a glass of wine and a magazine written all over it!!

{images via: Tobi Fairley, Kelly Wearstler, Domino, Martha Stewart, Elle Decor}

Hope you have a great St. Patty's day!  CHEERS!

March 15, 2011

Spa Bathrooms {on a SAVVY budget}

Today I am treating my best friend to our her "Birthday Pedicure & Lunch" day.  This has been made a tradition over the years... instead of presents we treat each other to a luxurious spa pedicure {completed with a bottle of champagne} and a very long lunch at our favorite Mexican Restaurant on the patio.  I am so looking forward to being pampered a little!!

It is easy to make your bathroom feel like a spa with a soothing color palette and natural materials.  I tried to figure out how to fit in a massage chair from Brookstone in the bathroom mood board, but I really don't think it could actually fit in someones bathroom!  Here are some rooms that have a very tranquil feel.

{images via Ikea, Sarah Richardson, Kohler}

Most of these bathrooms come with a pretty high $ tag!  But with some SAVVY addition you could have a spa retreat right in your home!

1.  The fastest way to change you bathroom into a tranquil space is to remove the standard stock contractors mirror that is glued to the wall.  Replace it with this. $90

2.  When you remove the big mirror you will have some wall space to fill.  Add some great glass shelves and top them some pretty perfume bottles, and a bud vase with a pretty flower. $25

3.  I love the look of glass tile... especially if it is in watery blues and greens.  Not everyone can just add tile to their bathroom, but if you are taking down a really big mirror... maybe you could tile that wall and then add the mirrors and shelf.  {I did just that for a client see pics, here!!!} Glass tile, 18.95 a sqft

4.  Your bathroom can only feel like a space if it is calming and refreshing.  Adding a great serene wall color will calm your nerves, but not make you look to washed out when it is time to put your make up on.

5.  A new trend is using river rock tile sheets for the floor of a shower or bottom of a tub.  But a SAVVY way to add the river rock {without tearing your shower pan out} is to get a river rock bath mat.  It will create the same feel, and you will still get the amazing feeling under your feet.  $48

6.  Get a big soft fluffy bathrobe!

7.  If you have the space add a bit of sparkle with a glass cart next to your bathtub.  It is the perfect place to set a magazine and a glass of wine! $45

8.  Natural weave baskets are a great place to keep cotton pads and Q-tips.

9.  I have had this picture forever!! I love the basket weave look of the Carrara marble.

10.  A towel warmer is a great way to get the spa experience in your everyday life. $70

11.  Whenever I see white towels I always think spa!  Unfortunately until I no longer have boys living in my house I will never be able to have them!  But how nice would it be to have big, soft, thick towels to hang on the towel warmer? $36 {set of 4}
Enjoy your spa right in your own home!

{It still is not a visit to the pedi salon... but it is a SAVVY second!}

March 14, 2011

Pattern Mixing {SAVVY Design Pricipals}

{images via Willey Design, Domino, Omni Art Design, Krista Ewart}

Are you confident enough to mix patterns?  Mixing patterns is hot right now.. in fashion and in design.  I have come to realize my house is devoid of pattern... which is so weird because I LOVE fabric!!  I have been sourcing fabrics non stop so I though I share some design principals for mixing patterns in design.
This mix of prints is bold and colorful!  The color combo in the floral fabric provides inspiration, and a lot of chances to mix and match colors, pattern and scale.  The rule for this sort of pattern mash up is playing with large and small scales.
The design rule for this mix of patterns is keeping it subtle and within the range of limited colors.  All these fabrics also have a graphic similarity that help the muted colors feel bold and fresh.

This mix of patterns follows the design principal texture, texture, texture.  The mix of patterns is the woven texture in the fabrics.  Offset with a few pops of color, this collection of patterns is fresh but traditional.

Do you fee more confident with mixing patterns?

No Cost SAVVY Re-Design Part III

So... here is my Entryway and Living Room no cost re-design.  My Living Room is like most others... a room full of furniture you really don't use all that much.  Even though the room doesn't get much use, it is the first room every one sees when they walk in my door.  Most of the furniture is second hand from my parents.  Like my dinning room {see pics, here} the furniture adds to the current eclectic modern style that is my house.

 This is a table I borrowed from a friend to put in a different spot in my house.  I have since put something else in that spot leaving me with this table and nowhere to really put it.  I had it sitting here for months, empty, not even sure I wanted to keep it there.  But now... I really like it!

 My living room is two stories high.  This wall is right off of the front door and it is a big massive wall.  The mirror is in the perfect scale for the wall, and so is the white vase.  Surprisingly, I do not have another vase that is the right size to stand next to the mirror.  I will be on the look for something to replace it... when I have some extra money!

 I didn't change the table top decor here, but the whole table!  I loved the red one because of the pop of color, but since I recovered the lamp shade {read how to, here} it was not working for me.  I had this table in storage and it adds to the eclectic modern style.

Did you attempt any no cost re-design this weekend?