February 24, 2011

Weekend DIY... Cork Tile Mirror

I love adding mirrors to spaces because they add so much extra light and sparkle.

This DIY is for a client, and they already have most of the materials.  The finish product is going to be 5'W x 4'H including a boarder of wine corks they have collected over the years.  Here are the materials we will be using:
1/4 ply wood for backing
Frame or casing molding
Beveled Tile Mirrors {# needed will depend on size}
Liquid Nails {to glue the mirrors & cork down}
Wine corks {I am estimating about 600 needed for the size of this mirror}
Black Lacquer spray paint x 2
2 D-Ring hooks for hanging.
Look for the after pictures on Mondays post!  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

February 23, 2011


Do you ever feel like you would like to be more organized?  What if you could look more organized without actually organizing?  Here is your answer... Trays!!!
 I love using trays!! I use trays all over my house.. in my kitchen for my coffee, bills, salt and oils {not all on the same tray, so that just tells you how much I love them}, in my bathrooom, on my entry way table.  Trays are a great way to corral a bunch of stuff to make it look organized.  In addition to organizing all of our stuff they can add a pop of color and accent your decor.

Here are some SAVVY options for trays to make your stuff look "organized"

February 22, 2011

SAVVY Lifestyle... BevMo 5cent Wine Sale

 I would...  If I could by one and get one for 5 cents {and have!}  When the hubs and I first discovered the 5 cent sale at BevMo {about 7 years ago when we first started enjoying wine} we bought a case and a half of wine we had never heard of for under $100.  Well 2 bottles each of different wines we had never heard of!  Did we pick some bad ones, OH YEAH!!  But we did have some good ones that were worth the $ {half price + 5 cents}.  For the most part then we were buying solely on the look of the label and I think even now it is a 1/2 good way to go.  Every time the sale comes around we try to take advantage of it.  It is a great SAVVY way to fill up the wine frig and try new wines!

Now days we have a wider selection of familiar labels to choose from.  And we know what higher priced bottles to stock up on for half price!

Wines from the left:

Pacific Rim Dry Riesling $11.99 {I have never tried this, but I love dry rieslings with spicy thai, or asian food... and don't you just love the bottle?  Would so just buy this one for the label!!}
Chateau Ballan-Larquette Bordeaux $19.99 {Have not tried this one either, but I love a good Bordeaux!!}
Micheal Pozzan Syrah $11.99 {so very good!!}
Schug Merlot $29.99 {This is a bottle of wine that is not an everyday drinker, but getting 2 for that price... it is now}
The Honorable Chardonnay $16.99 {I have not tried this one either... just love the graphic label design!}
Little Black Dress Pinot Grigio $9.99 {I love the name and the label!!  Sounds perfect for a girls afternoon in the spring sun!}
Valentin Malbec $11.99 {I have had this one... every tasty SAVVY everyday drinker!}


February 20, 2011

Living Rooms

I live in a great house, in a great neighborhood, but I rent =/ !  That alone makes me crazy!  We were able to paint the family room & kitchen because the paint that was left by the former owners {tacky dusty mauve and a sad attempt at faux suede brown} was unbearable! I would like to paint a few more accent walls in the rest of the house, but the hubs thinks we shouldn't be putting in any extra $ into the rental {I sadly agree =/} so using a can of paint as a SAVVY design change is not going to happen.  Without paint, I am on a mission to source other SAVVY design changes for my house.  The hunt is on!!

Until then I will be admiring inspirational pics of other rooms.  I love the layers of colors and texture in these rooms.

 {images via Domino Magazine & Sarah Richardson}

Weekend DIY... Covering Lampshade {After}

 I am very happy with the outcome of the lampshade!  I have to say it was not hard.  I generally think that I can do most any project... it may not be done the "correct" way, but I can typically get it done and it will turn out well.  This is a perfect example.  When I pulled the instructions from the internet I thought that it all made sense, until I tried to make a pattern.  I thought I had enough butcher paper {but I had just used it on an art project for a client} so I had to use wrapping paper.

My lampshade is a drum style but it has a slight taper to the top.  When I would roll out the lampshade {from instructions: Starting at the seam on the lamp shade, trace the shape of the top and bottom edges of the shade onto the paper, being careful not to get pen or pencil marks on the lamp shade.  Carefully roll the shade along the paper, marking the top and bottom edges on the paper until you get to the seam again} the shade was rolling at a diagonal... it was way to hard!! So I said no to the pattern and just decided to wing it!  {see full instructions here}

Luckily I choose a pattern that was not symmetrical so it do not have to be even {I actually found the fabric at Walmart for $6.45 a yard!!!!}  So I started by applying some fabric glue to the seams of the shade and laying out the fabric.  I then sprayed spray adhesive to the body of the shade.  I took my time to pull the fabric and smooth the bubbles out as I went.  When the whole shade was covered I made a 1/2" seam and applied fabric glue to the seam.

Now it was time to finish the fabric on the inner part of the shade.  I found that if I cut slits in the fabric left to fold over it was easier to glue a 1/2" seam and then fold that over.  I attached that with fabric glue also.  When all of the fabric was wrapped around the edges I used a couple clothes pins to hold the seams until the glue dried.

Over all I love the lamp!  I would recommend using a pattern that is not perfect or symmetrical {unless your shade is the same dimension on top and bottom.}  I also bought 2 yards of fabric {because it was so cheap} but I only needed 1/2 yard as I thought.  The shade was 54" around and 10" high, and luckily the fabric was 54" wide, but since it rolled out on a diagonal I was able to cheat a little!

Total Cost of Project:
Lampshade = already owned {purchase a similar one here}
Fabric: $6.45 a yard x 2 = $12.90
Fabric Glue: $4.34
Spray Adhesive: already owned {about $5.99}
Clothes pins: already owned {about $1 from Dollar Tree}

Total: $16.24
{with extra fabric to spare!!!}

February 17, 2011

Weekend DIY... Covering Lampshades

This weekend {since the weather man is calling for continual rain and wind here in Nor Cal} I thought I would try a SAVVY DIY project I have been thinking about for a while.  As stated in my recent posts, I am in need of some change with in my own house.  And as also stated in my recent posts, I can't afford to do much {my husband would argue can't afford to do anything!!}

Here is the lamp I am planning on working with:
 I bought this lamp about 4 years ago but it is still available from Cost Plus.


These are fabrics I will use for inspiration {for fabric info click here, here, & here.}  I am going to take a {much overdue} trip to my favorite fabric store.  I think I will only need 1/2 a yard of fabric so even if I find something that I love for $20 a yard it still will only cost me $10 for the fabric!  I want something that is fun with a graphic pattern.  And though I always gravitate to reds, I am hoping to break my habit and change it up a bit!

Other Supplies:
Brown craft paper {to make a pattern}
Spray glue adhesive, or fabric glue and brush
Clothes pins to secure seams until dry

Step by step directions:
  1. Lay a large sheet of newspaper, butcher paper, or brown wrapping paper on a large table or the floor.
  2. Place the lamp shade (it needs to be a relatively smooth shade, not pleated) on its side with the seam on one edge of the paper, leaving enough room to roll the shade over the paper.
  3. Starting at the seam on the lamp shade, trace the shape of the top and bottom edges of the shade onto the paper, being careful not to get pen or pencil marks on the lamp shade.
  4. Carefully roll the shade along the paper, marking the top and bottom edges on the paper until you get to the seam again.
  5. Remove the shade from the paper.
  6. Adding 1" at the top and bottom and at the seam line, cut the pattern of the shade from the paper.
  7. Place the fabric, face down, on a clean, flat surface. Place the paper pattern on the desired fabric. Pin the pattern in place on the fabric.
  8. Cut out the fabric, using your pattern as your guide.
  9. Test fit the fabric on the shade and trim as necessary.
  10. Cover your work surface with plastic or other protective covering. Spray the wrong side of the fabric with spray adhesive or apply diluted craft glue or fabric glue to the wrong side of the fabric with a soft brush, being careful not to get glue on the right side of the fabric.
  11. Beginning at the seam area of the shade, lay the shade on one edge of fabric and carefully roll it onto the fabric a few inches.
  12. Carefully pick up the shade and continue smoothing the fabric on the shade, lightly stretching and smoothing the fabric until the whole shade is covered.
  13. In order to allow the fabric to curl over the top and bottom of the shade to the inside of the shade, carefully clip the edges of the fabric every half inch.
  14. Smooth down all areas of fabric, clip in place with wooden clothes pins if necessary, and allow the adhesive to dry.
  15. Optional: Decorate the top and bottom edges with a band of braid, ribbon, lace, beads, or fringe.


  1. Before applying the glue to your fabric, test it on a small piece of fabric. Be sure the glue does not soak through the fabric and discolor it or leave spots. If it does, try another adhesive.
  2. Use wooden clothes pins to clip the fabric in place at the top and bottom edges as the adhesive dries.
Directions via
I will have the after photos and project recap on Monday!  Hope everyone has a SAVVY great weekend!


 {all pics via House Beautiful}

Here are some SAVVY options to add pink to your decor:

1.  Pink Chandelier:  $115.00
2. Pink Striped Pillow
4.  Pink table: a fun DIY Project
5.  Pink Pouf: $104.85
6. Hounds-tooth Pillows: $19.49 {set of 2!}
7. Pink Striped Rug: $24.99

{sorry the pictures are grainy... am having some techy problems this morning =) }

February 16, 2011


I am in serious need of a update in my house!  Though I am in no financial position to make a huge change, new pillows are always a SAVVY way to change up your decor without spending a ton of money.

I think these are fun, modern, and just what I need!

February 8, 2011

SAVVY Inspiration

About once a year I get in the mood to changes things up in my own house.  Just like everyone I get bored with what I have, but can't really afford to change too much.  A SAVVY way to refresh the decor could just be changing out the decorative pillows or jazzing up a lamp shade.  I am really over my lighting so that is where I am going to start.

This lamp has a traditional shape, but mixed up with a cool modern twist.  I think the hi gloss black finish would great accent color!  Though the price is affordable, I might look for a similar lamp at one of my favorite discount stores first!

This lamp takes nature and puts a glam spin on it!  I love adding natural elements to every space and this lamp would accomplish that and keep with my SAVVY eclectic modern style.
I would use this lamp as inspiration for a DIY project.  More to come soon.....

The price point for this lamp is right with in my SAVVY budget!  It is simple, sleek, and the silver iron finish would add that bit of sparkle to the room when the light is on!