December 12, 2011

How To... Ombre Christmas Tree Skirt

Happy Monday!  Did you all have a good weekend?  I was equally productive and lazy.  I found time for projects and my social life, so all is good!  However I didn't even touch my Christmas shopping... oh well I still have 12 days left!!

So like I said in my post on Thursday.. I have never really had a tree skirt.  For me it is just easier to throw a white sheet on the bottom.  One: it can be washed  at the end of the season, and B: All of the ones I do see are a little over the top for my tastes.  So I decided to make one...

I have been loving the ombre effect lately and I thought this was the perfect place to use the concept.  

I knew I wanted to do it in golds and silver.  When I went to the fabric store I found this amazing gold/bronzy sequins and just started building off from there.  I had this smaller red felt tree skirt from the first tree the hubs and I had so I used this as a backing.

My original idea was to make long slightly angled strips of fabric and sew those together.  So I started by pinning a piece of twine in the center and measuring out 7" {1" for seam allowance} out.  But then I just stopped and stared.  The only way to make the strips work was to make them ruffled.  I don't know if you have noticed, but I am not a very ruffle kind of person!  I wanted the skirt tailored.  So I looked at the fabric sizes I bought and why not just cut the whole circle out of the fabric.  SO I called my master seamstress {my Mom} just to double check what I was thinking was going to work.  And we both agreed that if I was not worried about the best use of yardage, then this was what I would have to do to get the look I wanted.  

Here is a rundown of the yardage I used:
The existing skirt was 44" round, but that was a little to small so I adjusted my strips.

Fabric 1 {smallest circle}: 1/2 yard 
Fabric 2: 1 yard 
Fabric 3: 1.5 yards
Fabric 4 {biggest circle}: 2 yards

After I cut out the center hold for the trunk and stand {3" round} I measured from the center, but started measuring out 7" from the 3"... It was easier to draw an even circle from the center.  

Here is the dimensions of the circles to cut.  Starting from the 3" opening, but measuring from the center:

Fabric 1: 3"- 10" 
Fabric 2: 9"- 16"
{you are over lapping the numbers to allow for the seam}
Fabric 3: 15" - 22"
Fabric 4: 21" - 28"

Once all of the circles are cut out, it is time to sew them together.  This was funny.  I turned those to pieces of fabric every which was to get them to line up... One more phone call!  {Thank goodness I have Skype, so much easier when someone can see what you are talking about!}  She explained to lay the fabrics back side up and pull up the edges and pin... DUH!

Once all but the last layers were sewed together I finished the bottom edge of my last fabric.  The existing felt backing was going to be a little short {and at that point I didn't know how I was going to attach it...} but I knew it was going to have to be finished.  Then I attached it the other panels. 

Now here is where I should have made another call to my mom, but it was late and I just wanted to get this done.  Instead of attaching the felt to the top like a pillow {right sides laying on each other; sewing and then turning right side out} I thought I would just wrap the ombre fabric around the felt.  Then I top sewed around the edge.  It doesn't look bad, but it wasn't until after I finished it and woke up the next morning that I realized I should have made it like a pillow!  OH WELL... live and let live!!  And since the last panel was a longer then the felt I just tacked it down with a little fabric glue.

I am still very happy with the way it tuned out!  Hopefully I will be able to wash it at the end of the season, but if not I guess I will make a new one next year... I am sure I will want something different anyways!  ;)


Kim @ keller-creative said...

I love this! The sequins are awesome.

modern jane said...

I want your sewing skills! The sequins are so pretty! We are more of a glue gun household.. if fact have you check out my light?

rachel @ Just a Touch of Gray said...

I am so impressed. It looks fabulous!!

Brandi said...

Tiffany, that's so pretty! Awesome job!

Shauna@Satori Design for Living said...

Looks beautiful Tiffany! Love the sparkle!

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

Wow, beautiful skirt. You definitely won't find anything that beautiful in a store!

Shannon said...

Your pictures made it look so easy, great tutorial and I loved the non traditional colors you picked. It's beautiful and you MADE IT! I love that.

Sabrina @ loulousucre said...

I love the skirt. Beautiful!! You always make everything look so easy.