November 21, 2011

Finishing Touches on Playroom

Oh Happy Monday!  Geez, I feel like this weekend just flew right by!  And now it is Thanksgiving week!

This weekend I was able to finally get some of the finishing touches {more like organizing touches} done in the playroom.  Since I did the big clean out and change out some of my storage containers {see my Playroom design plan and the latest progress report} they have been much better at getting cleaning up!  And I have been wanting to actually spend time in there!

I picked up these bins at Joann's on clearance for $7!!  I knew I wanted to add labels to them somehow, but I didn't really want them to be permanent... since I am sure their toy collection is going to change.  So I thought chalk board!

To make the labels I taped off the area I wanted to paint.

Cut a jig from cardboard.  I sort of just eyeballed it...

Traced out the pattern on all of the boxes.

Used my T-square and excato knife to cut out the tape.

I used the chalk paint in the spray paint can, but you could also used a brush.  And because I was too lazy to take the toys out of the bins I had to work with them upright... so I had some dripping going on!  To make sure I only sprayed the area I wanted, I used plastic wrap to cover the exposed area and the top of the bins.

I also used the same jig to make some labels for the mesh bins {laundry baskets from Ikea}.  I just used cardboard and sprayed both sides with chalk paint.  

Since J is just starting to learn how to read he is super excited to be able to understand what they say and learn to spell out all of his favorite toys!!


modern jane said...

Looks great! I should have you in my classroom! :)

Maury said...

So cute! What a great job! I'd be so nervous about getting the spray paint somewhere other than the stencil.

Holly said...

Love this idea to put a more customized look on your organizing elements. Great job and seems like a fairly quick update.