August 10, 2011

Spray Painters Anonymous {The Mustard Ceiling}

Hello, my name is Elizabeth and I am a spray-paint-aholic!

I just can't get enough. I have cans and cans of the stuff in every hue stashed in my shed. I bring home a new item, and immediately the ideas of transformation start rolling through my head. I hit up my secret stash, dreaming of all of the incredible ways to use a little spray paint to transform my prize from blah to awe!

My color of choice to revitalized my dining room chairs...glossy, Dover White.

A couple years ago, I sprayed all of my dining chairs to update them from a drab, scratched mahogany to fresh, glossy white...spray paint worked its magic.

Recently, I hit the Dover White- gloss again, when my chairs needed "freshened" up before I upholstering the seat cushions with my stenciled ikat fabric.



Once again, that glossy, dover white didn't let me down...slick and sleek as always. The perfect back drop for my raspberry ikat.

I also got into the stuff when I wanted to customize my plain, boring office storage. I snuck into my stash and chose a pretty, sunny yellow spray to do the job.

My storage started out black and boring. I prepped by taping off the silver edges, then primed with a spray primer. That's where the hard stuff came in. I first sprayed two coats of the black a matte, white...brightening the boxes.

I then taped off a striped pattern on one and a chevron pattern on the other...and started to spray again, this time a sunny yellow.



What a difference?

For more details on customizing office storage click here.

I am proud to say I am a spraypaint-aholic. I believe there isn't anything better than hearing that little sssssssssss.... as a fresh coat of spray paint adds new color and life to an other wise boring or tired piece.

Thank you for having me over today Tiffany to share my addiction!


Thank you so much Elizabeth for sharing your addiction!  I am running right out to buy some office storage and painting me some chevron!!  If you haven't already click on her link to see how she MADE that amazing ikat fabric... you should it is AMAZING!  And be sure to check out her blog: 

She just recently changed her blog design... because she does blog design too!!! 
{I think I will be asking her to {Living Savvy} a facelift soon!}
And now let us all repeat the Spray Painters Mantra:
Friends, help me source all the items I am searching for but can not find.
Give me the vision to think outside of the box and remember the can of spray paint,
and bless me with the patience to let each of the coats dry before I move on to the next step!

Cookies and coffee are in the back! =)


Lisa - A Room with A View said...

The mantra is so great - have to remember that one! Elizabeth's chairs are simply stunning together with that amazing fabric.

elizabeth@themustardceiling said...

Thanks for having me over today Tiffany!

Kathysue said...

I love what she can do with a spray can!!! Especially love the the magazine storage boxes!! Elizabeth is one talented gal!! Kathysue

Jessamie@BirdandBranchRedesign said...

Visiting from the mustard ceiling and I love it! ~Your spray painting sista'

Anne said...

love this - elizabeth - great idea for the office storage. the yellow looks great!